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I am a 56 year old noobie writer who has posted his first story on this site. I like to read almost everything by David Weber, John Ringo, Mercedes Lackey, and dozens of other sci-fi and fantasy authors.

I am not a 'natural' writer when it comes to the written word. I can speak a story and have it sound very good (35 years of playing dungeons and dragons helps). Any suggestions are more then welcome. Flames will mostly be ignored (unless then are funny). Reviewers and beta readers welcome!!

I will keep on writing my first story until Writers Block and/or total hatred of writing it stops me.

Feel free to let me know about other Ranma fan-fiction you think I might like. I like a bunch of the Sailor Moon cross-overs and am willing to try cross-overs with almost anything. that I am familiar with

Wednesday May 16, 2012 new story Spring of Drowned Kryptonian posted. the prologue might be all that is ever done. I am going to work on it and I hope to have ch 1 posted in a week or so. It is a Ranma Superman crossover where Clark Kent is a descendent of Kryptonians who came to Earth thousands of years ago. his powers are those that most people of Kryptonian ancestry possess. It take Magic to unlock these powers though. Any guesses where Clark ends up that unlocks these powers? Jusenkyo!!

Jan 26, 2013 It has been a while since I have posted. I am re-reading Spring of Drowned Kryptonian and I hope to have an update soon. In answer to a question posted in a review - Pa and Ma Kent are Clark's biological parents.

Dec 18, 2913 I am reading Another Chance with an eye towards a complete re-write. Yes, my Muse abandoned me completely... but she may be back... I hope.

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