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I'm a resident of Tennessee with a passion for mythology, cryptozoology and paranormal activity. I’ve got three websites, The Guide to the Mythological Universe, The Collinsport Ghost Society, a fictional society to fictional haunted houses and the Our Gang Wikipedia. I've published my two books, "Volunteer Ghosts" and "Ghosts Coast To Coast." I've also been credited in the Marvel Comics handbooks due to research I have done for them. You can also follow me and my on-line comedy musings and rants at Twitter at @Thor_2000

If you like my stories, I hope you will read some of the others since several characters and events tend to overlap through them. I write about a merged TV universe and try to stay as much in character as possible. I do not create or do anything that would contradict the series. I create stories that could happen in the series without hampering or altering the known events already seen on TV, but I do try to explain and find solutions for events that do not make sense..

If you like a story I've done here, I hope you will take the time to read something else here; I've done a long range of TV Shows. Another thing, I don't post fresh new chapters to stories that aren't getting hits. Obviously, Fanfiction.net does include counters on the stories posted here to determine what if anything is getting attention, and if I feel something itsn't proving to be successful, I won't bother updating it. If you want updates or new chapters, let me know. I'm not psychic. I do not continue stories that no one is reading...

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