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Blessed Unrest: A blog dedicated to those who have embodied the significance behind Martha Graham's famous quote

"x"= romantic pairings, "x/"= romance or friendship/sibling pairings, "forward slash"= friendship/sibling pairings


Sesshoumaru x Kagome

Lord Charming and Imperceptible by forthright

The Light at the End by LikeABlueThread

Milestone by TheHatterTheory


Sakura x/ Naruto

It was always you by luvtoshi

Sakura x Sasuke

like a heart that stumbles onto knowledge by arabesque05

With Every Beat by halfdemonfan

Gaara x Sakura

Of Madness and Sandcastles by StormyInk


Tangible by twilightdazzle

Fairy Tail:

Laxus x/ Lucy

Letting Go by cerberus angel

The Shackled Rune by GemNika

No Strings Attached & The Etheral Queen by camlowe

Strength of Spirit by rhosinthorn

Bickslow x Lucy


Elfman x Evergreen

anything by Chesh Writes

Gray Surge x Juvia (Edolas)

Where All Broken Things Go by Momo Cicerone

Gajeel x Lucy

Outcasts by ErzaDreyar

Gajeel x Levy

anything by Miss Mungoe

Laxus x Mirajane

death and dream by Asakami

Laxus x Cana

Drinking Buddies by Mrs.HopeEstheim


together we stand by saunatonttu

Natsu x Lucy

A Dragon's Beloved One by KaUiA

The Raven by Rivendell101

Once Upon a Dream by xorain
look at the stars, look how they shine for you by WednesdaySnow

Team Natsu

Companionship by LetTheWookieWin


Lionhearted by Chesh Writes


Black and Blue by Chesh Writes


Kiss on the Palm and Iris by juviass


Kindred by slstmaraudersjple

all of Fairy Tail

We Are Young by koa-chan

Ouran High School Host Club:

Takashi ("Mori-sempai") x Haruhi

Silent Challenges by rhetoricfemme



Serene Man by soupkun

The Open Road by thereisafire

Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2/Lightening Returns:

Claire ("Lightening") x Hope

One Hundred Reasons by RainbowSerenity

Skip Beat:

Ren ("Kuon) x Kyoko

anything by Bobapearl

Nanatsu no Taizai:

Ban x Elaine tbd

Harlequin ("King") x Diane

A Declaration of Love in Spring by chicken matango

One Piece

all of The Straw Hat Pirates

this is the price that has been paid in full by akurosa

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Umetarou ("Nozaki-kun) x Chiyo ("Sakura")

every day is a yellow day by puertoricanjane

Miraculous Ladybug

Adrien (Chat Noir) x Marinette (Ladybug)

Secret Santa and Rainy Days by TheLastPilot

Teen Wolf:

Scott x Kira

anything by chalantness

choice by ShadowsTakeAll

Stiles x Lydia

I Wanted to Stay Home and Watch Buffy, But Then Gnomes by mustlovemustypages


one's an incidence, two's a coincidence, three's a crowd by mirrorkill


Backlash by CranApplePye


no need to say goodbye (you'll come back when we call you) by chalantness


a few notes on foxfire by subnivean

Scott's Pack

Ungodly Hour by Electric Splatter

Derek x/ Kira

Marvel Makes Everything Better by roxashighwind

How to Domesticate the American Gray Wolf - a guide by Kira Yukimura by heartslogos

you feel a lot like home by lizleminem

the breath that passed from me to you by punkhale.

Derek x Braeden

anything by chaosy

profile picture by the wonderfully talented yuumei (based on her on-going flash comic, Knite)

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