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I had written fanfics in the past, but due to some things in my life, I had to stop until recently. What got me started in writing was my love for reading... a bit too much. So, this was essentially my way to be more productive, while doing something tied to what I enjoy. I like reading various kinds of books, from factual, to fictional. I began getting into reading various different materials sometime in high school, being that I graduated from college not to long ago, it's been awhile. My love (or more like possible addiction) for the Harry Potter series is what eventually brought me to discover the existence of fanfiction. I had found many of the stories here (not just Harry Potter), really interesting and at other times annoying. Depending on the story, I really liked how some stories just made you want more as you read further into their fanfic, while other's just had very terrible spelling and grammatical errors, which really bothered me and eventually caused me to lose interest. That's why I'll try to limit any mistake my stories may have as much as possible, though I'm not perfect and I’m sure I'll make a couple mistakes along the way. I know that in time I'll get better the more I write stories, so if I may be bad or not at the level most people would want, please bear with me for now.

Favorite series for fanfics I've read: Avatar the Last Airbender, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball series, Marvel, DC, Final Fantasy: (X-1, X-2, 7, & 13), Ed, Edd n Eddy, Kim Possible, Pokémon, Dynasty Warriors, Kingdom Hearts, Danny Phantom, High School DXD, Dragon Quest 8, Code Geass, Tales of Symphonia & Abyss, Rise of the Guardians, Megamind, Tron, RWBY, Rosario Vampire, Sekirei, Percy Jackson, and a few other minor ones either anime, videogame, novel, or movie related.

Gender: Male

Age: (?)

Species: Human

Hobbies: Movies, Fanfiction, YouTube, singing, writing, cooking, cellphone apps, petting my brother's dog, spending time with family, talking and hanging out with friends, and learning about things I'm either curious about or never knew beforehand.

I really find different points of viewpoints, different character pairings, and well written stories very interesting. Canon pairings are alright but just the fact that it’s something commonly done kind of removes the excitement in my opinion. Though I do admit there are some exceptions. Also Lately despite the fact that their practically non-existent, I really like well written and realistically written cross-overs.

You can also find me on Adult-Fanfiction: Tojiro Murakami and Archive of Our Own: TojiroMurakami

Don't know what else to add, but I'll be sure to add some more in the future.

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