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The is a true story

A girl died in 1933.A man buried her while she was alive.The murderer chanted,"Toma Sota balcu"as he buried that you have read the chant,you will meet this little the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling.She will suffocate you like she was suffocated.If you post this onto your profile,she will not bother you.Your kindness will be rewarded.

About six years ago,in Indiana,Carmen Winstead was pushed down a sewer opening by five girls in her school ,trying to embarrass her infront of her school during a fire drill.When she didn't submerge,the police were called.They went down and brought up 17-year old Carmen Winstead's body,with her neck broken from hitting the ladder,then the concrete at the bottom.The girls told everyone that she fell and they believed them.

They Hurt Her

Fact:About three months later,16 year old Greorgy read a simialr post to this but didn't repost it.He went to take a shower ,and herad laughter.He started freaking ou tand ran to his computer to repost it.He said goodnight to his mother and went to sleep,but five hours later,his mom woke up from a loud noise,and he was gone.A few hours later, the police found him in the sewer with a broken neck and the skin on his face peeled off.

Even Google her name,you'll find this to be true.


There was oce a girl called Ashley who had a boyfriend named Jack.Jack was the most popular guy in the school.The three most popular girls were Courtney,ASHLEY and Emma.Jack thought Ashley was okay but he really liked Cortney.Courtney also liked Jack.Of corse did,everyone did.Courtney and Ashley were eneimes.Courtney tried to to steal Jack every chance she day,Courtney asked Jack if he wated to go to the movies.Ashley heard the whole thing ,what movie theatre and what time.She got to the movie theatre and sat directly behind Jack."She watched them you want to go to my place and skip this boring movie" Courtney asked and Jack said hell yes.Ashley watched them inside the house messing with eachother.Ashley wasn't at school for the next few days.Her mom found her body in her closet one week later.She commited suicide because she loved Jack so much.There was note next to her body which read,"My dearest Jack ,I watched you at the movie theatre and at courtneys house and I will continue to watch you.I never thaught you would do something like this to me.I loved you Jack.I died for you like Jesus Died for us.Always with you,Ashley".Please post this in your profile or ashley will haunt and try to kill you as she wants everyone to know about Courtney.Thank you.

My favorite Big Time Rush pairings.

Cargan:I simply adore this pairing.Carlos and Logan are just so cute together authors write this pairing it is just is my most liked pair now but it was my second most liked when I first discovered this website.I give this pairing a score of 91 out of 100 for last year and sofar for this year is gets 6 out of 10.

Kames:I just love the drama that comes with this pairing,which is why it was my fave pairing until I read a certin Cargan story.For last year it would get a rating of about 90.8 out of a hundred.For this year it so far it gets 4 out of 10 because the Kames stories are dropping.

Kenlos:The first story I read for this pairing I almost laughed til I got cramps.This pairing seemed dumb at first but I started to like it this year when my most liked author made a story for this pairing.Last year i would say 1 out of 100.This year already I would say 10 out of 10.

Jarlos:I like this pairing,nothing bad to say about rating cause this pairing is uncommon.

Kogan:I like this pairing very much.I won't rate it although it has more stories than Kames and Cargan do.

Jagan:Like this paring,won't rate although it is only about 100 stories less than Cargan.

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I try to come with interesting stories that put joy into your day.

I always write Multi-chapter stories,on shots don't really work for me.

My chapters are on average are about 800 words but now a days I can write 1000-2500 worded chapters

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