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Hello people. My name is VanguardXIII. I'm new to fanfic and hopefully I get used to it and post some good stories for you. My friend introduced me to this site and told me I should take a shot at it. So I couldn't think of what to write and he challenged me to write the story called Sisterhood. Sisterhood is my first story and hopefully not my last. People that have read it and liked it don't worry I'm writing the second chapter and maybe a third (not sure if I know what I'm doing). Anyway I plan on adding release dates of new chapters and stories on profile page. So if you want more from me tell me and watch here for details on new releases of my stuff. Oh and for that bio stuff I like cartoons, anime, video games, books and movies.

UPDATE:Hello everyone I'm sorry I have been away for such a long time. I have ben PM many times about the whole deleting all the stories with lemons and violence in them and am go to try and move Sisterhood soon so the story does not get destroyed and/or taken down. For fans of Sisterhood I will make a new account that will be close to the same penname that I am using now and the title of the story will be the same. Sorry and thanks for sticking to the story. Hopefully I will update it later.

UPDATE: Well somehow the whole move the story thing is not working out so well so the story will stay here for the time being. I'll update to tell you what is going on.

Hello this is just an update for Readers of Sisterhood. Chapter 2 is up right now. For you that want to know more I plan on posting chapter 3 very soon. So check back here to know the exact date of the release.
Chapter 3 out 26th of september. Yeah! The next chapter for sisterhood many take sometime cause school is chaotic and many parents are over visting for a while so whatever. I will try to have it up soon so just wait a little while longer. Thanks

Update: For readers of Sisterhood my computer caught on fire. Yes it actually did. The motherboard burned up and melted the inside so the Sisterhood chapters are gone the same for the harem story. I am so fucking pissed off! So I am rewriting all that is gone so please wait a little longer and hopefully I can post them soon. Thanks and see you later. Hello everyone a new chapter for Catnip is out. I'm still working on Sisterhood so please wait a bit longer. Also someone pointed out that I block people that are not members from reviewing. That is now fixed so hopefully everyone can review and leave comments. Also have a merry Christmas and I will see you all in the new year.

Hello again everyoneI have just posted the new Sisterhood Chapter (Thank the gods). Sorry it took so long and I hope to have both Sisterhood and Catnip stories updating more quickly but no promises. Anyways thanks for continuing to read my stories and happy early Valentines day!

So the new chapter of Catnip is up sorry for the far too long wait. Hopefully i can get the next chapter up this weekend or next monday, if things all go according to plan. See you this weekend!

New chapter of catnip up yeah! Read the story and the following will make sense.

Now a serious question. Do you people want Soi Fon to be like Yoruichi in this story. Like as in a lover to Ichigo or have her not included at all except as a supporting character. Or maybe she could be a bit of both. She could be a lover to both Ichigo and Yoruichi but not as important as them in the whole story. She could be a three some partner when they want to have more fun and maybe Unohana could pop in sometimes. It's really up to you guys. I could also just make a new short story of a few chapters of all of them fucking each other. Leave a review to answer the question cause the stupid poll thing is not working for me right now.
See you next time.

Also I'm going on holiday for spring break so I won't be updating until April (hopefully).

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