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Hellooo Everyone! This is Thirst4light from a small country named Bangladesh. (How many of you are familiar with my country?If not, you can Google it.) I have to admit that I only started to read English books from 2011 (I had a phobia that I wouldn't understand English books!) I started with Twilight Series and soon became a huge fan of it and guess what? I was a Team Jacob. LOL! You guys must be thinking then how on earth I became such a BIG POTTER FAN?

The answer is though I didn't read HP books,I was a HP movie fan. I used to eagerly wait for the movies to come out.Then in January 2011, I watched DH1 and didn't understand a single bit of it. I told to myself, I ought to finish the series. So, during my summer break, I bought all the 7 books and finished the series in 20 days. Watched all the movies again as I understood the stories, the characters, the difference from movies and books better.

After 2 years in HP fandom, many people can ask why do I ship Harry/Ginny? Is it because it's canon? Certainly not! I've had terrible fight with fans of others ships in various hp pages because of this..worse, I've thrown a fit after fighting with my Beta Majerus who is a devoted Harry/ Hermione shipper. I can't really explain why I fell in love with Ginny but the fact that she was an underdog throughout the series and got shunned by JKR herself were my main reasons. Not to mention, when I see a person who was insecure, vulnerable on so many levels had finally got the self-confidence and the fire to stand on her two feet is very commendable to me. But I sometimes do understand why readers have a hard time in warming up to Ginny. I'm quoting this from the profile of SakinaWithLove as she has put this problem rather eloquently-

"The under-development of her character in the cannon and her portrayal and ignorance towards her is one of the biggest faults in the otherwise wonderful series. Ignorance towards her near-death experience in PoA and her portrayal of same shy girl post the Chamber fiasco is very hard to digest. It really disappointed me further how throughout the series the so-called trio treated her as a baby instead of strong individual that she was - especially in HBP and DH. Further astonishing thing is that the after-effects of the Chamber are never brought out in any of the books except the little mention in OoTP. Rowling had the perfect opportunity to bring out her character and develop Harry and Ginny's relationship from PoA. Another fault being that despite being a partner-in crime with Neville in DH - there is no mention whatsoever about her scars towards the end."

Another amazing author and one of my favorites Northumbrian, has quoted JKR's thoughis on H/G and I think this would help to make people understand H/G better. Here it is-

"The plan was, which I really hope I fulfilled, is that the reader, like Harry, would gradually discover Ginny as pretty much the ideal girl for Harry. She's tough, not in an unpleasant way, but she's gutsy. He needs to be with someone who can stand the demands of being with Harry Potter, because he's a scary boyfriend in a lot of ways. He's a marked man. I think she's funny, and I think that she's very warm and compassionate. These are all things that Harry requires in his ideal woman. But, I felt — and I'm talking years ago when all this was planned — initially, she's terrified by his image. I mean, he's a bit of a rock god to her when she sees him first, at 10 or 11, and he's this famous boy. So Ginny had to go through a journey as well. And rather like with Ron, I didn’t want Ginny to be the first girl that Harry ever kissed. That's something I meant to say, and it's kind of tied in. Harry has really grown. And I feel that Ginny and Harry, they are total equals. They are worthy of each other. They've both gone through a big emotional journey, and they've really got over a lot of delusions, to use your word, together." - JKR

A must read for H/G shippers- Seeking Ginny by Casca

My Favorite Ships- Harry/Ginny

Faramir/Eowyn from The Lord of the rings and

Dean Winchester/Jo Harvelle from Supernatural

Sansa Stark/Sandor Clegane from A Song of Ice and Fire

Ships that I HATE= Harry/Hermione (I suppose it's evident from my analysis above! :P)

My Fics:

1) With or without you: Based on the movie 50 first dates. Currently in progress, 3/4 chapters to go.

2) Inscrutable: Big project with lots of expectations. Inspiration for the fic came from the murder of Pakistan Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer during the world cup in West Indies in 2007.

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