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I am a 17 year old girl who likes captain planet, Batman, Boondocks, Thundercats, But most importantly I LOVE Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles(so sue me).

My favorite character is Donatello. I even made up my own character named Denanallo Hamato who is Donatello's twin sister and is virtually the same as her twin brother. She wears a pink bandanna and wields a bo staff and she is the only one of the turtles who has hair which is long and dark brown. You can't blame me.

I just love the turtles so much.


Fave shows:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Justice League

Captain Planet

The Secret Saturdays

Young Justice

Transformers (Movies, g1, animated, prime, RID 2015)

Fave Characters:


Ma-Ti-Captain Planet

Zak Saturday- The Secret Saturdays

Robin/Nightwing- Young Justice

Batman- Justice League

Bumblebee-(All versions of Transformers)

Little Trivia:

Name: Tayler (strange spelling I know)

Age: 17 (birthday on Halloween)

Fav Color: all neon colors(black and orange on halloween)

Fav Food: PIZZA!

Fav Show: TMNT

Thoughts on abortion: it sucks let the baby live

Thoughts on animal abuse: stop it now before I find and destroy you(not vegan or vegetarian)

Thoughts on world pollution: do you want to live on this earth?

Thoughts on war: why must we hate each other so?

Fav animal(s): turtles and big cats

Life: CRAZY!

Thoughts on homosexuality: If people fall in love with a person whether gay, straight, or bi let them be in love

Thoughts on bullying: bullies suck and if you are one STOP IT BEFORE I GIVE YOU A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE!!!

Thoughts on child abuse: If adult- do you love your child(ren) If not adult- we don't deserve that kind of treatment

Thoughts on religion: NOT an atheist I love GOD!


Drawing- some what good

Baking- one of the best in my family

Cooking- just started recently but very good

Singing- good but sometimes can't hold long notes

Dancing- can be good if you show me the steps and moves I need to do

Cleaning- when I feel like it

Connecting with animals- animals seem to be calm around me and come to me and love me


"Live life to the fullest"

"Life isn't fair"

"There is nothing wrong with being gay"

"Bullies are nothing but animals"

"Just be you"

"When taking a multiple choice test, most of the time the most wordy answer is the correct answer"

"Sometimes you gotta use what you got"

"Kids should be loved not abused"

"Animals should be loved not abused"

"War only brings more pain"

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