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Beta reader wanted. Message me if interested.

I seldom publish anything I write, mostly because it's not very good, or because canon fucked up my unpublished material.

The latter is the case with my only published story whilst the former, well... Everything I write falls under that category so it hardly matters.

Now about me.

I'm 21, well...I turn 22 (the horror) in 6 days as I'm writing this and I don't believe I'm going to edit this in the near future so my guess is that this will look pretty funny in a few months, unless I actually fix it. We'll see about that. - Still funny, but yeah, I'm 22 now. Took me almost 2 months.

It's the first year I live on my own so currently I'm very busy, I study literature whilst getting my grades up to speed for higher education, with that, maintaining a functioning relationship with my girlfriend as well as having a social life it's safe to say that any update of any story will be rare. So rare in fact that it's going the make pokémon cards with a star look like grains of sand on a beach. Well, maybe not that rare... But still pretty rare. But maybe I'll publish something I've already written. Maybe.

Just in case I do publish anything I'd like to implore anyone reading this to review my works. The harder you come down on me, the worse I'll feel, and the worse I feel the more I'll improve. So just let the hate flow through you. I can take it, I won't even cry... much.

And I'd really really like someone to beta read the stories I haven't published. Someone who can fix the language, come up with ideas when I'm stuck. Help out in tight situations and stuff like that... I'll just put a notice up top so anyone interested can see it before they reads this, since when they do they'll hardly be interested.

I do like to read or/and write fanfiction in whatever sparetime I have, so any story recommendations is highly appreciated.

I mostly read Harry Potter (but any good series is welcome, if I haven't read or seen it I'll have something to do, if it seems good enough) preferably stories where Harry is dark.

I almost never read harems or slash, for the same reason, so don't bother recommend any unless it's a story on the level of, say, The Santi's "Harry Potter and the Boy Who Lived" - If you've read it you know what I'm talking about. If not... Well, it's one of the best stories I've ever read and my all time favorite fanfiction.

Also, since I've browsed around a lot I've come across quite a lot of the stories which can be found by common search words (such as dark, slytherin, evil etc) or by adding Harry in the character section. That's another thing, I'm pretty partial to the stories I read having the real main character as main character, unless it's a crossover where say, Harry ends up in the Narutoverse. Then I'd like it to be about Harry, much like I'd want a story with Naruto in the Bleachverse to have Naruto as main. It's what I like I guess. But to the matter at hand, do message me about any great story with an odd summary or without the character it's about added. You know, stories which are hard to find.

Of course if the story is good enough, my preferences doesn't matter. But were talking great stories here.

I'll edit my profile again when I have the time. I just wrote whatever i thought about now, so I'm pretty sure I come off as some kind of idiot. Let me assure you, I'm not. Just a bit of a dumbass is all. Well, maybe more than just a bit... I'm gonna stop now... Really. I have no idea why I'm still typing. I'm not insane or anything, right? right? oh yeah... I was speaking to mys... a friend. Really, I do have friends. Real ones. I promise. You just can't meet them because their... in sapin! no... Japan! yeah, that sounds believable...


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