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Hi, I am me. I like stuff. I f you like the same stuff that I like... cool.

I have a distinct ability to do things because no one else is doing them, which may be why I like a lot of shows that other people my age do not like. I am 22 by the way. I know what you're thinking, but know this, I already know that I am a loser. So please, don't bother to point that out to me. The shows that I enjoy are KND, Teen Titans, Trigun, and FLCL, among others. I would post some of the other stories that I have written in but they are a bit risque and would probably get me booted from the site. If you don't know what I mean then read "Quatre's Slip" and multiply the absolute darkness of that by like ten and you will have some idea about how easy it would be for me to be removed from the site. In fact, I'm surprised I haven't gotten complaints because of that.

I suppose I had better defend my position on watching what most people see as kids cartoons. I'll try to be brief so that you can get to some of my stories. Well first of all, the term kids cartoons is so qualatative. There is no way to determine where kids cartoons ends and regular cartoons begin. Secondly, if people would watch said shows with open minds, then they would see that there is a lot for adults to enjoy as well. I enjoy allowing my inner child some play time every once and a while and I feel that fan fic writing for a "kids" show is a good outlet for it. There are other reasons, but I am trying not to bore you guys to death.

So now that I am done stroking my own ego, I would really appretiate you reading some of my stories and giving me some constructive criticism. I'll even take flames. Sometimes flames are even better than the real kind of reviews, I'm sure the other writers reading this know what I mean. So now that you guys know who I am, I look forward to hearing from all of you on the review boards or seeing you on my KND C2 community (it's the We All Be Wally one). Happy readings, and if you have anything that you think that I would like please let me know and I would gladly give you a review. I review everything that I read with constructive criticism. My AIM handle is "TheFirstPoncho". If you are interested in reading some extended summaries of my stories before you read them, just keep on reading. I look forward to seeing you on the net.

I am in Love (Codename: Kids Next Door)- In this story, Wally finally gets the guts to tell Kuki that he loves her. Too bad for Wally, but she is already taken. Poor guy. He then goes on an emotional rollercoaster and plans to break Kuki and her man up. In the end he learns an interstig lesson in love. If you don't like those stories that start off as a usual KND story, but end up as a lesson in realism, then this is not for you. I wanted to do a kind of coming of age/angst style story here, and I think that I accomplished that. It is finished for now, but I have a few ideas that I can add on to it while still keeping the general ideas intact. So, in other words, don't be surprised if you see any updates soon.

Birthdays (Codename: Kids Next Door/Nightwing)- This was my attempt at a crossover between my favorite cartoon show and my favorite super hero. The premise is that Wally has some pretty awful birthdays. I got the idea when watching some episode of KND where a kid turns 13 and has to be decommisioned. Except with this, I write about several of Wally's birthdays and how awwful they are. He does have some pretty decent moments on them though, but he is just too stuborn to see them. This one of my favorites if you are looking for a Wally butt-whoop series. It is only a few chapters, but it is still one of my favorites.

But I am a Genius (Codename: Kids Next Door)- This is a story where I tell the same story twice. Once from the third person and the other from Wally's point of view. My idea was to attempt to prove that Wally actually is a genius as he claims. There are several episodes that present the question, and it is impied that he is actually a moron. I, however, hold on to the idea that Wally is a very honest and loyal person, and would not say that unless he had an idea of what he was talking about. So I am going to show what makes him a genius. I have not written the second half of the story from his perspective yet, but I wouldsuggest reading the first part now and analyzing it so that you are ready for the second half.

OperationFound (Codename: Kids Next Door)- This story is basically a challenge to myself. I have read many stories where Wally has been romantically paired with several different operatives, but never Numbuh 2. I don't know why, but I just never see it. Now if you know me, then you know that I often do things just because no one else is doing them. The road less traveled sort of thing. So I started to work on this story where Numbuh 2 has a nervous breakdown and runs away. The other operatives think that he just needs some time alone, but Wally insists on looking for him. The story hasn't even made it to that point yet, and I am quite busy with school and work. In other words don't expect to see alot of updates unless the muse kicks me in the head one night. I do look forward to completing it though.

Vindicated (Teen Titans)- This story was actually my second attempt at a fan fiction. The first being a DBZ fic where I put that ass Goku through hell. Good stuff. But that is neither here nor there. This is how I came to the conclusion that BB is the strongest member of the Titans. In the fic he gets in a fight with Raven and storms out of the tower. While he is out he meets a girl. After that, the Titans begin to have some tribulations. I really enjoy this personally, so I would recommend this one if you are looking for some entertainment. I wrote this one before I was really interested in writing a story with metaphors and other literary devices. So in other words, don't expect my best work.

Moving East (Teen Titans)- My most recent addition to the fan fiction community, this story is about Robin and his strange life. I am trying to concentrate on the difficulty he has seperating his lives. For example, everyone has some form of multiple personality disorder. People act differently at home than they do at work. That must be incredibly difficult for Robin to manage because he has to wear a mask, thereby doubling the number of personalities. So, therefore he must have a serious issue with the seperation of his personalities and the growth of them. I started off the first chapter with him having difficulty seperating between right and wrong, life and death, love and hate, and even friend and lover. The lack of control over the development of his personalities causes him to take a wrong turn down a road he didn't really want to take. I apologize if I am cryptic, but if I say much more than that the story will not be as fun to read. All I can say is that if I cankeep the motivation to write this thing right it will soon be one of my best fics.

Quatre's Slip (Gundam Wing)- By far my favorite story. This is my attempt at a contribution to the scholastic community through a fan fic. The story is one of Quatre 20 years after he abandons Sandrock. He is now poor and very angry. It took me some time to complete this fic and I am very proud of it. Unfortunately, not many people actually read it and review. (sigh) I guess the reason why would be because it is not for the faint of heart. I got the idea while reading a Langston Hughes poem and just ran with the idea and took it to the dark places that he would not mention. This is my best piece, but if you choose to read it, be warned that there is a very large amount of adult content in the story. Just a warning.

Well that is all for now. Maybe when Fanfiction.net changes their policy on... risque material, I can post some of my other work. I have a very dark way of expressing the world. I look forward to seeing your comments on the review boards.

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