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firstly, i want to introduce properly to all of you, my name is wulan and i am from indonesia. i have joined fanfiction for about 4 years now, and i like all the stories that a have read. for stories, i am not thinking about it, yet, cause i have no computer or laptop in my home right now, so i just want to make some challenge for the author who want to take it. those fic featuring with my favorite pairing, that is naruto and kakashi.

1. time travel challenge

- pairing narukaka (bromance or romance up to you, but if romance you have to make naruto on top)

for the time naruto arrived i want you to make when naruto 5 years old and have kakashi as anbu guard.

anything else is up to you

2. possesive naruto

- pairing narukaka and seme!naruto

- naruto is obsessive about kakashi and want to make kakashi his

- naruto use some jutsu to make kakashi his and his alone

anything else will come up later, if you want to take the challenge or know some narukaka stories PM me..

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