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Hey guys,

Well my names lucinda and im 15 and live in australia..i love to sing and act and in the future ill be an actress...as you can probably tell by my penname i love er, oc, janet evanovich books(mainly steph plum)(aswell as others by her),and harry potterbut lotsmore aswell! i write stories when im bored theyre not the best but they'll do.. and i havent really updated for a while so im sorry lol, i've only ever written ER stories but i think i want to write some steph plum or harry potter stories cos that could be interesting! so yeh hope you enjoy them all! just a little shoutout to my mates your all the bomb lol --(ali,horda,jen,craig,jes,matty,tinkz,bede,marlz,ollie,rachie,danny,kirra,rob
kate,zen,siob,pat,feath,daniel n beccy!) i love ya lots.. and i LOVE daniel ian! lol just letting you know!.. btw we all have names in our group and from wot u can c my name if TV/MOVIE/BOOK FREAK! it fits aye! lol

More info!

inpirations... emma watson(hermione granger - hp) and maura tierney(abby lockhart - er) are my inspirations to act! be looking out 4 me in the future=)

fav movies... liar liar, white oleander, a walk to remember, bridget jones 1&2, fantastic four, mr and mrs smith, finding neverland, scooby doo 1&2, oceans 11 and 12, harry potter 1,2,3 and soon 4 and hopefully 5 ,6 and 7 if they come out,dirty dancing and there are lots more!

fav tv shows...ER and OC ofcourse! Summerland is sweet! and theyre pretty much the shows i watch.. my life depends on them.. JOKES! lol..

fav books...stephanie plum novels,the full series(also evanovich),harry potter 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 when it arrives (HOPEFULLY SOOON)")alice books,diary of a crush 1,2,3 AND artemis foul!

fav actors... maura tierney, emma watson, noah wyle, ben mckenzie, adam brody,brad pitt, george clooney, mischa barton, rachel bilson, julia roberts, angelina jolie, shane west and yeh thats just a few.. MY fav characters in the books are steph, morelli, ranger, grandma and lula! LOL

this is just random info so yeh hope u like my stories:-)

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