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Okay so my brain officially just doesn't work and I hate everything I write. Hopefully, I will eventually be able to write another chapter of one of my stories and then post it because I don't hate it. I'm sorry for the HIATUS. I'll try to get something out there soon.

~ Grace

Stories in Progress:


"Bree's lower lip quivered and her tears threatened to return. 'I hate me.' She finally blurted out after a moment of hesitation. She pressed herself to Adam's chest, as if she was trying to make herself disappear and continued to blubber out words." A collection of one-shots for every letter in the alphabet about Bree and her brothers. Irregular Updates.

Taskforce Alpha

Some people were born heroes. Others were made. Irregular Updates.


Bold indicates Metahuman

Italics indicates Human

Bold and Italics indicate Alien

Ground Combat Element:

Lydia Anderson, 17 - StarsMagic

Wolfgang Lee, 20 - mochafraptor

Jacob Lyland, 24 – DeathDealer Inc

Shaun Jameson, 19 - iamgoku

Lyrik Saunders, 19 – W. R. Winters

Murugon ‘Muru’ Gontalahad, 20 – NitroTheKid88

Logistics Combat Element:

Dr. Akihiko Minoto, 20 – 0B13

Regina ‘Ginny’ Pasternak, 18 – Rosemarie Benson

Craig Stevens, 19 – MediaMan18

Command Element:

Colonel Donald White, 54 – Graceful Petals

Major Victoria Greenway, 31 – ThatGuy222

Captain Zephyr Yakota, 24 – Silver Blitz15

Lance Corporal Axel Turner, 18 – grimbutnotalways

Taskforce 0:

Filo Caesar Sylvain “Kong”, 22 – Chase Lucifer Sparrow

Helena Evangelina Fruehan, 21 – GoldenCrest314

Grace Dara, 20ThatGuy222

Christopher Dara, 20ThatGuy222

Elise ‘Ellie’ Taylor Payton, 19 – OJWawa

Future Story Ideas:

UPSIDE DOWN: Ben 10: Set During Ben 10 Alien Force - When Ben, Gwen, and Kevin defeat the new villian Jemine, a flash of light causes them to pass out. When they awake, everything is normal. Or is it?

AROUND THE DARKEST CORNERS: Psych: When Shawn gets too involved in a murder case, the gang begins to worry. Then, when Shawn mysterious disappears with nothing but a note in his place, it's up to the SBPD to find Shawn before the clock runs out.

THREE MORE GONE: Psych & Criminal Minds: When a case becomes too much for even Shawn, the SBPD are forced to call in the famous BAU to help. But when Shawn, JJ, and Morgan are taken by the unsub, it has suddenly become a race against time to rescue the liaison, the agent, and the pseudo-psychic detective.

UP IN FLAMES: Criminal Minds: While on their way home from a difficult case, the BAU's plane crashes onto a deserted island. The team will have to hold it together while trying to survive the odds.

TRAPPED: Criminal Minds: The BAU dives headfirst into a different world when an unsub is kidnapping and killing homeless children. As the team tries to get insight into the world of an abandoned child, will the unsub claim another victim?

IN THE NAME OF IT: Criminal Minds & Castle: When the BAU and the NYPD team up to catch a serial rapist nothing can stand in their way. Well, except Richard Castle that is.

GREAT IDEAS: Castle: Alexis Castle has always been smart. Sometimes, a little too smart. So when she stumbles upon something dangerous and illegal, she starts to put the pieces together. Can Alexis work together with her father and the NYPD and figure out what's going on before the people behind it silence her for good?

JUMPED: Young Justice & Avengers: The Avengers are about to discover that heroes came in all shape and sizes.

DISSOLVED: Young Justice: When Batman had announced they were going on an undercover recon mission Wally was ecstatic. He guessed that he should have known that undercover for a bunch of teenagers would more than likely be something to do with school.

HARRY POTTER AND THE YEAR OF SILENCE: Harry Potter: In which Harry, Ron, and Hermione return to Hogwarts for their 7th year of school. AU following the Golden Trio after the defeat of Voldemort.

UPHILL BATTLES: Harry Potter: Wounds this deep don’t heal over without leaving scars. A series of one-shots dealing with the aftermath of the war.

THIS MERRY BAND OF MISFITS: Harry Potter: Students at Ilvermory were far aware from Voldemort’s reign of terror. That didn’t mean they didn’t have their own problems to deal with. SYOC set during Harry’s years at Hogwarts but in America.

PROTECTORS AND PROVIDERS: Harry Potter: When new parents James and Lily find themselves fifteen years in the future, they discover that their infant son is now a fifteen-year-old orphan and the only person standing between Voldemort and ultimate power. Trying to navigate the future as well as trying to find where they fit into their son’s life is proving to be more difficult than either anticipated. AU set during OotP.

A MOTHER'S LOVE: Harry Potter: Harry may not have ever known Lily but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a mother. A series of one-shots focusing on Harry’s relationships with women who showed him the same love Lily would have if she had survived.

About this Author:

My name is Grace and I just graduated high school so I'll be going off to college this fall. Please excuse my long breaks between writing because of this.

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