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I'm just a regular old school girl who loves writing. I found this site when I looked up a link to a youtube video I liked which got into a fanfiction that I loved and it goes on from there. I made this cus I love to write and always like to get opinions on my work. I don't really write much fanfiction, but I figured this would be good a place as any to start off. If you see a series of short stories about this girl named Milada, that's for my creative writing class and they won't be my best since I had rubrics that I had to follow. Also, if I make lots of grammer, spelling or misuse vocab, please bare with me. I'm only 16 and I'm horrible with grammer and spelling. Also, please forgive if I don't update fast at some points, again, I'm only 16 and I have lots of other things I need to keep up with. I am open to suggestions for ideas on plots, characters, music, etc. I love to hear ideas and very open to any suggestions. I can't guarentee that I will use it in a specific story, but I could use it in another story.

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