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Hi just wanted to say that I am a big Naruto fan...

And the the couples i like to read about mostly are Sasuke and Naruto..yes I am a fan

I have to say that I don't mind Naruto with Ino, or Temari but I can't stand him with that pink haired chick or with Hinata. and the only reason I even read the one with him with more then one chick is the story is interesting other then that I hate him with more then one chick.

AND TO ALL THOSE WHO ARE FAN OF PINK HAIRED CHICK: her and Sasuke will never end up together and do you know why because she is annoying, and she does nothing but stand around and cry and lets everyone else do the fighting, yeah now she can fight, but did you see the episode where she trying to kill Sasuke.. who had to rescue her Naruto.

I am done.

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