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Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I've updated my profile because my crappy attitude about HEA's was freaking some people out. I definitely love an HEA! Please don't be scared of me! :D

That said:

Formerly a lurker. I love all things ExB. Honestly, the Twilight series was OK, but then I SOMEHOW got sucked into all the fan fiction and I LOVE it. It's like playing with paper dolls, these gorgeous likable characters can be dressed up in anything you can draw. And then, of course, they can be undressed. ;D

My personal tastes run to the macabre. I love well done angst, the slow burn, the unrequited, the misunderstood. I like feisty heroines and reformed assholes.

My stories, in brief:

Someone Like You

Someone Like You has a few song recs. I highly recommend all early Doris Day, particularly "Someone Like You." Anything from that era would be a solid fit. Dean Martin and Peggy Lee are quite nice. This is not a happy story - you have been warned!

High Fidelity

PLEASE NOTE: This is a mature story about messed up individuals. They do sketchy things and are likely going to hurt each other, more than once. It's my first multi-chap so bear with me and thanks for reading!

The Black Queen Vignettes

I started this witfit when I lost my job... I didn't realize I would land another, better one so dang fast. One day I will finish this... I swear. I think about it all the time.

El Camino

What can I say. I am overwhelmed. Thank you.

More Ferarum

I'm writing this story as original fiction. It can be found on Wattpad and Fiction Press. Just google my name IReen Weiss and More Ferarum and you should find me!

I am not accepting translation requests for any of my stories EXCEPT: Someone Like You and El Camino. Please let me know if you would like to translate either of these stories and link me to the site where they are published when complete.

I'd like to make it clear that while recognizable character names belong to Stephenie Meyer, the stories you read here (plot, word structure, and original characters) belong to IReen Weiss.
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