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Hmm, what can I tell you about me ...

Live in California

Love to listen to all kinds of music , doesn't have to be in English :D

Love to read ( Obviously ), some of my favorite are ;

-Jane Eyre

- Edner's Game

- A Gun for sale

- Parchment of Leaves

- Catcher in the rye

- The house of the wind Jammers

- and a bunch of others

I love watching movies , especially with my family (we tend to overreact and throw food at the screen during emotional parts)

some favorites are :

- The city of lost Children ( watch in French, English version doesn't set the scene right use the subtitle though: D )

- Hudson Hawk ( Bruce Willis is just Hilarious )

- Spirited away ( Most beautiful movie ever !!! )

- Halloween ( love scary movies )

- Orphanage ( Spanish version, super scary )

- Enemy mine ( just an original film, after watching this movie asked my 2nd grade teacher if men can have babies. Should have seen the look on her face XD, Priceless .)

-All the Alien movies ( Ripely such a bad ass )"

-Jurassic Park 1-3 ( The new Jurassic World ... Was alright, but was borderline killing the franchise in my opinion)

there's more , but those are all I can think on the top of my head :)

Ship that I love

- Kili and Tauriel ( most beautiful couple )

- Jane and Loki ( sexy bad guy with Super smart women , how can they not be together XD )

- Ian and wanda

- Daryl and Ruby ( look in my favorite for walking dead story "New road" , good read I promise )

- Snape and Lilly ( I just think if he had made different choices , then they would have been together)

- Ichigo and Rukia ( I am probably not the only one waiting for Kubo to make it happen. Come on!!! it Going to happen there no doubt about it.). *UPDATE* I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT HORRIBLE ENDING HAPPEN

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