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I am searching for a fanfic that I enjoyed very much but was not able to favourite at the time due to network error and have not found it since. If anyone knows the story I am referring to below, please let me know!!

It is a wrong BWL story where Harry's twin sister (Jasmine or Jessica I think) is considered the GWL. He gets left at the Dursleys but Merlin takes him to the founders and he gets adopted by Godric & Rowena. He lives in the past for ten years and when he comes back to be collected by Lily and James, it turned out they have had two more sons.

Harry gets sorted into Slytherin and befriends Draco and uses the holidays to take a portal to the past to spend with his 'real' family. He eventually brings Draco, his two brothers, Padfoot, Moony and Severus over the years into the past and it all comes to a head in the graveyard where Harry, Draco, Michael, Neville and the youngest brother (not sure of the name) defeat him finally before going back to the past to live.

If you know this story I hope to hear from you!!

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