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I've been working mostly on Phantom of the Opera stories over the last few years, although I've recently branched out into Coronation Street stories too. The first piece of Phantom fiction I wrote is called Help Me Say Goodbye, which is an E/C tale with a twist. The second piece was a longer story called The Past is Another Country, which takes place before, during and after Love Never Dies and is told entirely from Gustave's perspective as he looks back on his earlier years from a very different era. Please read and review! Writing fan fiction is new to me, so all reviews and PMs are welcome especially those which offer suggestions for improvement.

After The Past is Another Country I wrote a story called No Longer Denied which is based on it, but from Erik's perspective this time. It was originally supposed to be a one shot but it grew. It's now complete, although there's a very small chance that I could add to it...

One of my most recent stories is Bereaved of Light, which is based on the 1990 version starring Charles Dance and explores Erik's early years as well as the events of the TV series. I'm trying to explore it from a different angle and expand Gerard's role, so please let me know what you think of it. When I finished that story, I found I couldn't leave that world alone so I've written a prequel and a couple of "unseen moments" - whether these chapters add anything to the original story is left to the reader to decide...

I love modern day stories, mainly about Christine and Erik but I'll read anything that's well written with an engaging plot. The original novel is great but I love the ALW version, especially the 25th Anniversary version with Ramin Karimloo. Other good versions include Susan Kay's novel and the 1990 Charles Dance version - the first version I ever saw.

You will also find some of my favourite stories below - please read and review these as well. I enjoy discussing my stories, as well as the work of others on this site, so if you enjoy what I write or have a story that I might like please get in touch!

Recently I've branched out into the Coronation Street fan fiction world and have uploaded a story about the early life of Roy Cropper but I haven't decided if I'll continue it yet or not. He's an oddly likeable character so I wanted to explore what made him the person he is. All feedback is welcome.

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