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I love stories.

I was drawn to them since I learned reading. As a child I also loved to write them, but in time science took a more prominent place, leaving less and less time to actually write. I continued to reserve a large chunk of my spare time to read, watch and play stories but I stopped inventing them for myself. Well that's only partially true. I enjoy to let "what if" and "what then" scenarios play out in my head and I started to play pen&paper RPG's a few years back.

Now, after years I decided to finally try my hand on a story. And there might be more on the horizon. Let's see how it goes.

My native tongue is German. My second language is Italian but I haven't used it in years. English has become my favorite for a simple reason: All the best fiction, series and films are in English. Not all translations are bad but I've seen my share of atrocious ones. Also I firmly belief you simply can't translate every aspect. Additionally in my line of study the primary literature is all English. There is no way around it so there's that.

Mostly I go for fantasy and science fiction, preferably hard SF. Storywise I prefer adventure and drama with a lot of mystery and a little less romance mixed in. That being said I'm a sucker for star-crossed lovers if it's done well.
Just a few authors I particularly enjoy to give you a sense of my taste:

Tad Williams
Stephen King
G.R.R. Martin
Alastair Raynolds
Iain Banks
Jim Butcher
Patrick Rothfuss
Joe Abercrombie
Terry Pratchett
J.K. Rowling

As for games whose universes/stories hold me captive:

Mass Effect
Any Blizzard franchise
The Elder Scrolls
Deus Ex

While I enjoy a good series or a good film now and then, I spend far less time watching than reading or playing. Here's a few:

Star Gate
Neon Genesis Evangelion
The Big Bang Theory
The Event

My main project currently is Blue Magic. I intend to finish Fate Reversed and Green Eyes sometime but I can't give you any timeframe.

Bail Out is a Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic. It is more of an experiment and will feature many elements of my most favourite science fiction settings.
What if Yui and the other two doctors had decided, that they wanted nothing to do with Angels and their like? What if they decided to show both Lilith and Adam the finger? Third impact, no matter the outcome seems a bad idea to me. Why does anyone believe Lilith is some benevolent mother who will accept her wayward children? And where do the angels come from anyway?
Shinji and his friends are going to find out. The doctors have been busy and now Tokyo 3 finds itself in space, flying from system to system in search for a new home. But the galaxy is a dangerous place...
The project is essentially dead.

Fate Reversed is a AU retake of Mass Effect 2 and 3. Mass Effect 1 will serve as a (mostly) unaltered background story but after Sovereign's defeat things diverge rather quickly. Don't worry though, you will still get to see most if not all the characters you love from the game. Also, key events you may recognize from the game will still happen, but a different chain of events might precede them and they might have a different impact on the story.
The pairing will be Fem!Shep x Liara, with the relationship between the two a major plot motivator.
Again, the story is rated M but this time it will be justified on all fronts. My take on Mass Effect is considerably darker than the game and you can expect more explicit scenes. I've put the story into the Romance/Sci-Fi categories, but it will also incorporate Drama, Intrigue and Horror. Backburner

Green Eyes is me dealing with the Mass Effect 3 ending. Although I (mostly) approve, it still left me incredibly sad. I wanted a happy end damnit! I know, life isn't fair, but...
Anyway, since the Green Ending was the most appealing to me - I couldn't kill EDI and the Geth and controlling the Reapers is just wrong - I went from there. The story is about Liara finding her Shepard and either join her or bring her back. Can't tell you yet - don't know how it ends. Backburner

Red: Broken is something of a counterpart to Green Eyes. It is my take on the Red Ending. Currently it's an one-shot with no concrete plans to expand on it, but... Completed (possibly)

Blue Magic is a Harry Potter x Mass Effect crossover. Somehow I found myself with a lot of time on my hands and wanted to read some fanfiction. Since I already read most of the best ME-fics out there I turned to other fandoms. Why Harry Potter? Well it's easily the biggest and I rather like the setting and the bones of the story.
"Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." We all know that quote, don't we? But how about the other way round? "Sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology." That's my guiding principle for this story. It came to me when I contemplated Biotics in ME for Fate Reversed. How the hell does Reave work? Transferring health by manipulating mass? Are you f-ing kidding me? That's space magic! And let's not forget all that crazy shit in Leviathan (ME3-DLC, good one too!)...
The story is about Liara finding Harry, age 7, when he is still with the Dursleys. Humanity is not yet aware that they are not alone - either on the planet or the galaxy - and she's doing a very secret evaluation on our potential. She observes Harry as he's doing some accidental magic and concludes that he is a Human biotic - despite the fact that there is no Element Zero to be found on Earth. Liara takes him with her to the stars but on his eleventh birthday he receives a very curious letter... Pairings will be Harry/Hermione and Liara/? (later Shepard most likely).
The first part will cover Harry's years at Hogwarts and the fight against Voldemort while trying to reform the backward magical society. Liara will be watching over and helping him from the shadows (mostly) and get very frustrated with all things magic in the process. How the hell does that stuff work anyway?
There is a sequel planned to cover the Mass Effect story. Ongoing.

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