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I'm just your average guy, I read more than I write...A LOT MORE, but hey so does everybody. I love all types of anime but some of my favorites are ecchi comedies and action/adventure stories.

I try to update most of my stories whenever I can but its hard to find time to really site down and put nose to grindstone when things don't seem to go my way. Regardless, my stories will update when they update and they won't be dead unless I am or I say otherwise. So enjoy!

(-){Favorite Quotes}(-)

"Madara alone solos the entire shinobi alliance
Sasuke and itachi would get raped by madaras wood"

-Some guy on narutoforums talking about a SasukeItachi/Madara deathmatch

"Once you have enuff dakka, there is nothing left to shoot; because everything was used up making the dakka!" "That's not actually Enuff Dakka, so much as it is the Big Dakka, where you take everything and shoot it to make everything again." "In my headcanon this is now how Orks believe the universe was created." --Protodermis, Jonen C, Random832

-A random quote I found that was amusing to me.

Victor - "So is the shitstorm finally over?"
Imperial Waltz - "Kinda. It's more like a shitsprinkle now.
Ben- "What a charming mental image, Waltz. Thank you."
Imperial Waltz- "Your quite welcome."

-On the aftermath and now infamous Athene controversy over at SpaceBattles.-

"Hey, these things are back except they're not little kids anymore! Ah, I was wondering when this was gonna be! Yeah, these are from dead space 2 but they seem to have changed all the monsters that represented little kids and babies. I don't blame them for that. Although, it was a bit more morbid when you had to shoot up a whole bunch of like, children basically. I mean they were mutated aliens but they looked like children so, there was that kind of whole morbid sense of morality f-ing up. Lots of items though, thank you! Thank You! Thank you little guys! Thank you for your contribution to the Issac-Clarke-is-a-badass Society."

-Markiplier on 'The Pack' enemies from Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC Part 1 The Devil's Horns

Some will say that that size is one reason why aliens would have a hard time coming here, thanks to the theory of relativity and its caveats about how nothing can go faster than light (Einstein's the great traffic cop of the stars, so it would seem). However, at least theoretically speaking, there are multiple ways to sidestep this, either to go faster than light or to skip the traveling part via wormholes, etc. Remember, just because we humans haven't done it yet doesn't mean that some very intelligent folks from the other side of the cosmic neighborhood haven't figured out how to flip Einstein the bird and travel the stars and/or diemensions!

-excerpt of a comment by Shipwright1918 on "What Mass Effect Taught Us About Aliens" on Youtube

")Accused for killing the empress, known for escaping prison and is one of the most wanted men (in the Empire)...

)Sneaks into a party, incapacitates several people and leave(s) his signature...

Corvo must have left all of his fucks in that prison."

-DarkDemon259's comment on Cry Plays Dishonored [P12]


A Guardians wish chapter 8 (Posted)

A Guardians wish chapter 9 (Posted)

A Guardians wish chapter 10 (Posted)

A Guardians wish chapter 11 (0%)


A Tale of Souls, Swords and... chapter 5 (posted)

A Tale of Souls, Swords and... chapter 6 (Posted)

A Tale of Souls, Swords and... chapter 7 (40%)


Itachi:Familiar of Zero chapter 6 (Posted)

Itachi:Familiar of Zero chapter 7 (Posted)

Itachi:Familiar of Zero chapter 8 (Posted)

Itachi:Familiar of Zero chapter 9 (55%)


Sage of the elements Chapter 19 (Posted)

Sage of the elements Chapter 20 (Posted)

Sage of the elements Chapter 21 (Posted)

Sage of the elements Chapter 22 (30%)


Sensha-dō Shinobi Chapter 4 (Hiatus, pending further exploration of plot and lack of general interest from readers)


Story TBA (??%)


UPDATE: Due to UFF closing down I have decided to resume posting my stories here. However to keep the stories that I post here from being deleted I'll be posting either the full chapter or the lemons elsewhere.

I haven't currently found a decent enough site to post my stuff, but if worst comes to worst I'll start and AFF account and post it there.


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So until then peeps.


Description of spirit stones for my Sensha-dō shinobi story


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