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OK, so it's 2011 and I've only just now read The Twilight sagas; never came across it previously!

Yes, I've some frustrations with some of S. Meyer's story-line that's why it's so wonderful I found FanFic and all the wonderful writers there.

Update Nov. 2014:

*If I like a story, I'll always look at the other stories the Author wrote and their Fav. listings. If a story moves me, I sometimes will offer up ideas and if the Author uses it I'm tickled pink!

Disclaimer: if you use an idea of mine in even the smallest of ways, I neither need/want recognition for it. I see it as an honor to help out, especially as I can't write at all!*

Can I just say... Oh my God(of War), the Whitlock men = Yummyness!

I'm really liking:


Bella-with-a-backbone/Jasper or /Peter or /Garrett. I'm open to others, just not Carlisle or Emmett (father and brother figures in my head, can't change it)

Starting to venture more into:


Bella/Damon Salvatore

Bella/Eric Northman




Please, if you have some good recommendations for the above PM me...please, please, please give me your lists of stories!

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