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Wait wait wait, Cosmo's NOT dead?!

No I'm not ya spoons, I'm alive and well! (well, I'm alive.)

So uh yeah, I'm not dead, I just suck at updating. On top of that, I'm not exactly a part of the Sonic Fandom anymore. *crickets*

Yes, I will try to finish LYTLYN (yeah, I'm cool, I'm going to call it that!) but I kind of feel that I've (somewhat) improved as a writer since then. No, I'm not saying I'm spitting up Shakespeare over here, but I at least know about commas, and dialogue, ya know, manly stuff!

On the whole, "not part of the Sonic Fandom anymore thing" yeah, you see, I kinda found different interests, and it's just not them same. It's me baby, not you. WHY YA GOTTA MAKE IT SO HARD?! *sobbing*

Anywhooo, I feel like I do owe you the rest of LYTLYN, because I don't think I'll feel complete if I don't finish it, I mean seriously, it's way better than old Taco Trouble over there.

Taco Trouble: . . .

Yeah, he needs to be deleted.

Anyways, if you happen to be interested in what I'm doing now (although I highly doubt you do), you may want to check out my Wattpad, where I have posted a Damon Fizzy Fanfiction (sidenote: you don't really need to know who he is to understand the story.) If you're interested, I am xXxlove2writexXx, and my story is called A Little Bit Of Magic.

I don't know what else to say, so, uh *tap dances away*

Fair Winds,


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