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Update: November 2016: I know that it's taking longer than expected, but I am still hard at work on the drawings for the contest winners!

No date is set for another Young Justice writing competition, but Black Friar and myself do plan on running another one.

The results are in for the Young Justice writing competition! Thank you to everyone who entered! This was a very hard decision so we actually ended up awarding a first and second place winner.

First place- Identity Crisis by Velkyn Karma https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11733122/1/Identity-Crisis

Second place-Jaborandi by Alexandria–likethecityinEgypt https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11765635/1/Jaborandi

Congratulations to both winners!

Myself and Black Friar plan on running another competition in a few months with a different theme. Details should be posted around June/July on the Livejournal page and our profiles.

The Links to all the stories can be found here: http : // fanfictionforyj. livejournal. com/


The purpose of this competition is to reboot the fandom, which has been extremely quiet lately! "Why is no one just whelmed?!"

Here is some basic information on the competition:

1. Their are two prizes for the winning entry: a scene drawn and colored by me and a one shot written by Black Friar.

2. The theme of the story is 'a derailed mission' and must include at least three (or more) members of the team. It's also okay to include Roy or the Justice League.

3. Stories must be between 1,000 and 60,000 words (it can be a one shot or a multichapter fic).

4. The closing date for entry is January 31st, 2016.

For the full list of competition rules, story criteria and how to enter, please visit the Livejournal competition account: fanfictionforyj. livejournal. com (no spaces)

If you have any questions feel free to PM/e-mail either myself or Black Friar. We can answer any questions about the competition, but as judges we can not give you any ideas on what to write about.

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As of: March 2013

ROBIN TEST!!!!!!!!

Richard "Dick" Grayson (1st Robin)

] You are in gymnastics/know some acrobatic moves.

[ ] You are flexible.

[x] You love the circus.

[x] You have lost someone precious to you in death.

[x] You are caring and kind.

] You are very intelligent.

[ ] You're first language was not English.

[ ] You live with one parent/guardian.

[x] You say “Holy _” a lot

[x] You have your own catchphrase(s).

[x] You are a leader.

[ ] You have had many girlfriends/boyfriends.

[x] You have quit a team before.

[x] You have made a name for yourself.

[x] You are a very positive person.

[x] You have blue eyes.

[ ] You have black hair.

Total: 10

Jason Todd (2nd Robin)

[ ] You are male.

[ ] You own a gun.

[x] You have failed at something.

[x] You have had a near-death experience.

[ ] You are headstrong and moody.

] You make rash decisions.

[x] You have inner turmoil no one understands.

[ ] You have a grudge against someone.

[x] You aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.

[ ] You are out for revenge.

] You prefer to work alone.

[x ] You have blue/green eyes

[ ] You have red hair

Total: 5

Timothy "Tim" Drake (3rd Robin)

[ ] You are male.

] You come from a wealthy family.

[ ] You idolize someone.

[x] You have lost someone close to you in death.

[x] You think things through

] You are intelligent and quick to think.

] You are good a figuring out puzzles.

[x] You are a leader.

[x] You get good grades

[x] You fight with your younger sibling.

] You lose your temper easily sometimes

] You are somewhat anti-social

] You prefer not to show your emotions

] You don't like to show off

[ ] Your favorite color is red

[x] You have blue eyes

[ ] You have black hair

Total: 6

Stephanie Brown (4th Robin)

[x] You are female.

[ ] You don’t get along with your father.

[ ] You father has been in jail

[ ] You are impulsive

[ ] You have dated someone from your same team (job/sports/etc.)

[x] You always feel you have something to prove.

[ ] You have had a child.

[ ] You change your appearance often.

[x] You can play with the boys just as easily as with the girls.

[ ] You have seriously thought about faking your own death.

[x] You have blue eyes.

[ ] You have blond hair.

Total: 4

Damian Wayne (5th Robin)

[ ] You are male.

[ ] You belong to a wealthy blood-line.

[ ] You are short.

[ ] You are mature for your age

[ ] You are always angry and easily annoyed.

[ ] You fight a lot, whether verbaly or physically.

] Your parents are/have been divorced.

[ ] You curse a lot.

[ ] You live with only your father.

[x] You like cats.

[x] You have your own catchphrase(s)

[x] You have blue eyes.

[ ] You have black hair.

Total: 3

Dick=10 Tim=6 Jason=5 Stephanie=4 Damian=3

YES!!! Dick wins by a landslide! This is good news for me, seeing as he is my favorite Robin/DC character!


Day 1: How did you find the show? I didn't use to own the seasons of Batman the Animated Series and I really wanted to re-watch the series, so I browsed the internet looking for some episodes (of course I didn't come across any BTAS episodes!) and came across the first two episodes of Young Justice. That was back in November of 2010 and of course after I fell in love with the show, I found out it would be another two months before I would be able to watch episode three. It was a win-lose situation.

Day 2: Favorite Episode? I seriously can't choose one episode. Independence Day/Fireworks (because really this action packed 2 part episode is what got me addicted to the show. It also just features the guys of the team and who doesn't love that?! Also who doesn't love the lines "He hacked the motion sensors" "I hacked the motion sensors"! Schooled (just because it is a fun team mission episode). Downtime (for the cute Dick/Bruce moment). Homefront (because it is centered around Robin and Artemis and I love both of those characters. Not to mention we get to see Dick in his Gotham Academy uniform). Performance (because it is Robin's episode and I have always enjoyed Robin's origin story).

Day 3: Favorite Villain? This is tough seeing as their are so many villains in Young Justice. I really enjoyed Ra's al Ghul's character and the fact that he was voiced by Oded Fehr makes the character even better. I also liked Cheshire's character. The fact that she still cares about her sister even though they are on opposing sides is sweet.

Day 4: Least Favorite Villain? I usually like the Joker, but I didn't care for the voice or the character design of the Joker in Young Justice. I am also going to go with Harm. Sure the character was creepy enough, but killing your sister to gain the power to wield a sword is sickening.

Day 5: Favorite Male Character? MY FAVORITE CHARACTER IN ALL OF DC A.K.A ROBIN A.K.A DICK GRAYSON A.K.A NIGHTWING (darn you time skip!). I love Dickie because he is cute, charming and I love his SENSE OF HUMOR! Who wouldn't love a ninja acrobat with a contagious laugh, who enjoys tearing the English language apart?!

Day 6 : Favorite Female Character? Artemis (even though Black Canary is kick ass too.) I love Artemis' witty and sarcastic attitude. Miss Martian and Zatanna are too Mary-Sue for my liking. The fact that Artemis is a bit rough around the edges, makes her an interesting and relatable character.

Day 7: Least Favorite Character? I really hate Zatanna. Her character is very Mary-Sue like, as I just mentioned and her only purpose for being added to the show was so she could be a love interest for Robin. The character has no interesting qualities or traits. I really liked the original team and was livid when she joined the team. The character annoys me and doesn't add anything special to the team or the show.

Day 8: Best Mentor? Batman and Flash. I like how Young Justice made Batman not as coldhearted as he is usually protrayed in the comics. Batman is also very involved with the team and cares about Robin and the team. Also when Batman isn't completely involved in a mission and is Bruce Wayne, he is a good father figure to Dick. Even though Barry isn't shown a lot in the series you can tell he is a very loyal guy who cares a lot about Wally and the rest of his family.

Day 9: Worst Mentor? Superman and Green Arrow. Superman because he ignored Superboy all of season one and saw him more as a weapon than a person. Even though Superman was very harsh towards Connor in season one, I enjoyed their relationship more in season one than I do in season two. I think it is so weird Clark looks at Connor as a brother, I would rather see them have more of a father/son relationship. Green Arrow because even though he accepts Artemis despite who her family is, he is awful with Roy. He didn't even try to make amends with Roy when he walked out of the Hall of Justice and became his own hero. I don't blame the character fully for not realizing he was actually training Roy's clone (even though Batman would totally know if he was training a clone Robin), but now that real Roy is back, he is now distant from Red Arrow and Arsenal!!!

Day 10: Favorite Friendship? Wally and Dick. I like how Kid Flash is the only person (sidekick) who Robin trusts with his secret ID, that right there shows they have a strong friendship. They are both comedic characters, so every scene with them is entertaining. Also since they have known each other so long, they are able to banter with each other without offending one another.

Day 11: Superpower/Skill you want? I would love to have crazy arcrobatic and detective skills, but if I had to choose a superpower it would be the ability to fly, teleportation or the power to heal others. It is just too hard to choose!

Day 12: Favorite Ship? Spitfire. I really enjoy Wally and Artemis' love/hate relationship. I also like that Artemis doesn't put up with Wally's crap! I was a bit annoyed by their kiss though, I thought it was too soon for them to kiss because they had just gotten to the point where they could be in the same room without bickering. Sadly, I don't really care for their relationship in "Invasion". I almost feel like Artemis came between Wally and Dick's friendship because all Wally cares about now is Artemis. I am a bit of a Traught fan too, but I see Robin and Artemis' relationship more friendship based with a hint of romance. But when it comes to shipping, I think less shipping is better. The couples take away from the overall friendship of the team and the mentor/protege relationships.

Day 13: Least Favorite Ship? Chalant, theirs nothing like your favorite character being paired with your least favorite character. Robin and Zatanna have no chemistry, Robin has more chemistry with Artemis than he does with Zatanna. It bothers me that the only reason that Zatanna was introduced to the show was to be a love interest for Robin. Robin is 13 in season one and was too young to be romantically tied down and if they were going to pair him with anyone it should of been with Babs since it is canon. And don't get me started on Robin and Zatanna's kiss, it was awful to watch!!!

Day 14: Favorite from Justice League? NA NA NA NA BATMAN! Because he is the Goddamn Batman, that's why!

Day 15: Least Favorite from Justice League? I don't have one, but I am just going to go with Aquaman because their is enough jokes about that character to go around. As Raj puts it "I've said this before and I'll say it again, Aquaman sucks."

Day 16: Aqualad or Robin/Nightwing as leader? I love Robin/Nightwing, but I am going to go with Aqualad. Robin usually leads most of the teen hero team's in the comics, so it was interesting to see another character as the leader. I really wish we got to see Aqualad grow more into his role as leader into season two. Robin definitely had enough experience in season one to lead the team, but he was lacking the maturity needed to lead. When Nightwing is leading the team that means it's Young Justice: Invasion and I enjoyed the first season so much more, although I am enjoying the fact that Dick is getting more screen time because he is the leader in "Invasion".

Day 17: Favorite Quote? This is tough, really anything that comes out of Dick Grayson's mouth. A personal favorite will always be, Desmond: "He hacked the motion sensors." Robin: "I hacked the motion sensors." Some other favorites are: Wonder Woman: "[You] indoctrinated Robin into crimefighting at the ripe-old age of nine." Batman: "Robin needed to help bring the man who murdered his family to justice." Wonder Woman: "So he could turn out like you?" Batman: "So that he wouldn't." I also really like Jack Haly's line to Dick in "Performance": "Son you've grown, but some things never change, like the sight of a Grayson on the trapeze. You can't fake that, can't hide it. So do an old ringmaster one last favor?" Their are a lot of good lines in this show, that I really can't choose a favorite quote.

Day 18: Favorite Supermartian moment? I don't like this couple very much, but I enjoyed the scene with Supermartian in Mt. Justice where M'gann pours a bunch of food on Superboy and then Red Tornado walks in the cave's kitchen, looks at them and then walks awkwardly out. Another good scene between them was when Superboy accepted M'gann when she finally did tell him that she was actually a White Martian.

Day 19: Funniest moment? Anytime I hear Robin laughing, I find myself laughing. So any moment with Robin in the show is a funny moment to me. Also whenever Superboy goes on a yelling rampage, I laugh too. I seriously was lauging the whole time while watching "Bereft".

Day 20: Favorite Robin-made-up word? / A mentor and protégé you'd spend a day with? My favorite Robin made-up-word is ASTER. Aster is a word that will appear in my vocabulary from time to time. I find the word Aster to be a better word to describe the' opposite of disaster' than success or triumph, ect. I would definitely want to spend the day with Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson) because they are my favorite Dynamic Duo and my favorite hero team-up in the DCU in general.

Day 21: Favorite 'Red'? This is a toss up between Wally West and Roy Harper. I love Wally's sense of humor, but I love Roy's bad boy attitude and biceps :D!!!!!!!!

Day 22: Comics or Show? I have never read the Young Justice 90's comics, so I can't compare it to the show or the YJ comics that actually follow the show. Comparing the comics that go with the show and the actual show itself, I prefer the show. Reading these characters in the YJ comics, is not as enjoyable as watching them on screen.

Day 23: Favorite mentor and protégé relationship? Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson). Not only have these characters been fighting crime together for the last 70 years and were the original hero/sidekick team up, but they have a relationship that is stronger than just partners fighting for justice. These two characters are like father and son. As far as all the mentor/protege relationships in Young Justice goes: I think Batman and Robin are the closest, even if Batman doesn't always show how much he cares about Robin. To me it has always been obvious that Dick Grayson is Bruce Wayne's favorite person! I mean no one can make the Batman laugh or smile, but Dick Grayson can.

Day 24: Thoughts on Failsafe? "Failsafe" was an extremely depressing episode. "Failsafe" definitely goes on the list of episodes that made me cry along with "Performance". I also have seen a lot of similarities between "Failsafe" and "YJ: Invasion". Both are about alien invasions, both have the team fighting off the aliens without the help of the Justice League and both have Dick Grayson as leader (leading the team poorly because of his own selfish reasons). A lot of things in "Invasion" are going downhill fast, similar to how things went downhill in "Failsafe" like: both have the destruction of the Hall of Justice. Also M'gann's mind is the cause of a lot of destruction in both and Artemis 'dies' in both. I am just hoping that since "Failsafe" wasn't real, that maybe the events of "Invasion" aren't real either or are atleast an alternate future/reality caused by the leaguers missing for 16 hours. I am still hoping for a time skip back.

Day 25: Who/What do you want to see more on the show? I would love to see more Dick Grayson (seriously he is everyone's favorite character and doesn't get enough screen time). It would also be nice to see more Wally, Artemis and Roy. Along with seeing more of certain characters, I would like to see more scenes between the team and their mentors, especially more scenes with Bruce/Batman and Dick/Robin (daddy!Bats). Seeing the characters in their civies more and just chilling as friends at Mt. Justice would be great too! Dick and Wally's friendship is awesome, so I want more scenes with them in the show. Also I find Robin trolling Artemis at Gotham Academy to be one of the most amusing things and more of it is definitely needed in the show.

Day 26: Thoughts on Young Justice in general? Young Justice is a good show! Of course like any show their are things that I like about it and things I don't like about it, but you will hear what I would change about the show later. One thing that I love about the show is it's animation! Young Justice seriously has one of the nicest animation that I have ever seen in a western animated show. Also I love the protrayal of Robin in Young Justice, it is easily my favorite adaption of Dick Grayson. I enjoy most of the (season 1) characters (their are a few I could do without) and I enjoy most of the storylines. I like that YJ is an animated show, but it is more for an older audience. All in all season one was pretty good, but I am not liking season two all that much so far.

Day 27: Thoughts on Zatara as Dr. Fate? / You'd be a villain or a superhero? Why? I would of prefered if Zatanna had stayed Dr. Fate, so we wouldn't have to put up with her. Zatara was a funny character and a better character than Zatanna, so I wish he wasn't Dr. Fate. I would be a superhero because seeing as I couldn't hurt a fly I wouldn't make a very convincing villain. Also I fight for the side of JUSTICE!!! ;D

Day 28: Which character you'd want to be? / Thoughts on Zatanna joining the team? Seeing as all my favorite characters are boys while I am a girl, I guess I would want to be Artemis. She is the only girl on the team that I can actually stand, so I'd be her. I HATE Zatanna, so my answer is a definite NO on her joining the team! She doesn't click with the team at all. Rocket even clicks better with the team than she does and she only was on the team for two episodes!

Day 29: Anything you'd change about the show? I love the show, but their are several things I would change about it. First, Zatanna and Rocket would never join the team. I loved the original six and I felt like no more characters were needed for the team. I liked that their was an uneven ratio of boys and girls on the team. Second, I would like it if their was less shipping. Pairing off all the characters into different relationships takes away from the overall friendship of the team. Third, I would change little details in the show that bother me, such as Dick and Wally's birthdays. Wally's birthday would fall on January 16th (like it does in the comics), instead of November 11th and Dick's would be on March 20/21st (seriously he got the nickname Robin for a reason!) instead of December 1st. Finally, their would be NO TIME SKIP! This is the biggest change I would want done with the show. In season one the creators gave us these awesome characters and to take that away was not fair to the fans, not to mention how much character development was thrown out the window because of it. Seeing as season one's characters weren't fully developed yet, it was not the right time to age these characters five years and make them completely different people overnight. I wanted to see these characters transition into their roles!!!

Day 30: Anything you'd add to the show? I feel like I answered part of this question with what I would want to see more of in this show. Well one thing I would want to see added to the show would be another good season with the original team that takes place a few days/weeks or months after the end of season one. I can't really think of any heroes or villains that I would want to see put in the show. I guess they could throw Harley Quinn in the show because YJ's Joker is lacking and needs his Harley. Also if it were up to me and I was a writer on this show, I would totally add a three part Dick Grayson episode. "Performance" was great, but it still didn't give us enough time with Dick's history. It would be cool to see flash backs of the Flying Grayson's and get to see Dick visiting his uncle in the hospital or something.

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