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Favorite anime and characters in order

One Piece

1)Zoro- how can you not like him? total badass who gets where he needs to be despite his terrible sense of directions. favorite character of all time

2)Usopp- may be a coward and liar but he is one of the trickiest and clever fighters. With his variety of weapons he can be a real threat to you.

3)Chopper- talking reindeer...enough said

4)Trafalgar Law- the laid back attitude and smart ass comments. His powers confused the hell out of me but when they explained it...no wonder he becam a warlord

5)Jewelry Bonney- I really wished they dd more with here chraracter hopefully they will.

Fairy Tail

1) Mirajane- she can be a sweet caring girl one minute and a kick ass demon the next

2)Gajeel- when he found Pantherlily...hilarious

3)Laxus- started out a little rough but changed fo the better

4)Cobra- don't know why just really liked him

5)Wendy- cute chibi dragon slayer with powerful magic


1)Gaara- an awesome character, I also love Naruto/Gaara bromance (really strong friendship, not yaoi)

2)Gai- the only way you could hate him is if you lack the flames of youth

3)Jiraiya- calling him a pervert is an insult...he is a super perv

4)Haku- his kekkai genkai was pretty cool shame he had to die

5)Kisame- total bad ass.


1)Seto Kaiba- do have to explain? It' Kaiba

2)Kisara- shame she had to die but at least she's with kaiba as a blue eyes

3)Pegasus- grown man who still loves cartoons

4)Valin- cool armor deck

5)Joey- hilarious character

Favorite Pairings

One Piece

Zoro x Vivi

Zoro x Nami

Zoro x Hancock

Zoro x Bonney

Law x Bonney

Usopp x Kaya

Fairy Tail

Mira x Laxus

Gajeel x Levy


Naruto x FemKyuubi: my number one pairing.

Naruto x FemHaku

Naruto x Fem Bijuu: I'm particulary fond of fem nibi

Naruto x Kaguya: don't know why I just really enjoy this pairing.

Naruto x Mikoto


Kaiba x Kisara

Joey x Mai

Pairings I hate

Naruto x Hinata: I hate this pairing with a passion. I'm not going to lie, I hate Hinata. I don't hate her enough to bash her but don't expect much from her in any of my stories.

Naruto x Sakura: Sakura is probably the character I hate most.

Naruto x any Konoha girl

Favorite Crossover Pairing

Naruto x Moka (Inner) Akashiya: Inner Moka is probably my favorite female anime character of all time. In any Rosario Vampire Story I write expect to see her paired with Naruto or any else other then Tsukune. I don't know why I just hate Inner Moka x Tsukune

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