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I finally figured out how to add a new post here!!!! The app has challenged me for a good year. I can't believe I've had this acct since I was a TEENAGER. Sometimes I get nostalgic and just want to read something to get away from what is now my world as an adult. So every once in while I'll come back to my secret place and read a couple Stories for good time's sake. It's very calming and relaxing for me now.

I really miss my fanfic days. Good times.


Isnt it weird to see something you wrote years ago on a Profile lol???!!

I have 2 accts on here and it dates back to I cant believe after all these years whenever I feel the itch I go and read a good story...or reminisce on the stories that should have been finished but never were...there were some truly great stories left unfinished in the SM fanfiction world...lets see if Im still here when im 30 lol


Almost 10 years. Sheesh Ive been with this site for 10 damn years lol. I cant get away from this dammit...anyways yes...if you read this...Im still sticking to my story that I do not write fan fiction...although if I did I wouldnt do it on this name...I still have my separate accounts lol. Anyways with that being said..I use this name primarily for the art of reading and reviewing. I can be your most loyal reader as long as you stick with it and dont give up on it. I hate to see a good story go to waste. I really do...cause then its not only a let down to me...but a let down to yourself in the long run. Anyways...Im not 19 anymore haha...22...yup...damn...Im so old why do I still read?! I still read cause I only do it every once in a while now...Im starting to ween myself off haha. If I happen to find a really good story then I will stick with it everytime they update but Im not hounding anyone to make a quick update soooo ehhh...its always up to the writer.

Yea thats pretty much it lol. Im looking back at what I previously wrote and GOSH I hate how it sounds lol. What the hell was I thinking?! Seriously was I THAT young?! HAHAHAHA.



You know its kinda funny. People think I write FF...well I may or may not...I wouldnt write on this name thats for sure...I have many accounts...but people dont know that so lets keep it at that lol.

And I havent been here in a quick minute...Im in college now so thats cool...2nd semester...1st semester was pretty chill...and then that one month was all good lol...

And what you should know about me is I'm 19 and I pretty much still read ff...gosh I need a life lmao. Oh yea and I collect music... seems like for a living almost lol...I specialize in anything really just Asian music is the next big thing so thats where you can catch me at.

Anyways I'm not really around here most of the could find me on the various music boards/forums around the way and such...atleast the very well known ones...

'Kirakuni' is in my head and Im still listening to it. And if you dont know who sings the song its Crystal Kay...great song...and thats pretty much it...wanna know anything else just PM I said...I'm kinda sneaky so you never know when I'll sneak up on you and...BAM! there you have it!


7-23-04 Hey people... Its been awhile hasnt it? Well school's out and now I'm a senior...thats how long I havent written in cant believe I've been reading fanfiction for that long... Ive read some great stories too...if ya want check out my'll be surprised...all of them are great!...Some arent finsihed but still being worked on! But yup as I said some people wonder why I like to read ff but I dont write it...nope I write poems and ...I've been helping my friend cause she wants to be a writter which I'm sure she will be...goodluck Sarah! I cant wait til summer is over cause its hot...I really should keep an online journal...cause this typing my problems out aint until next time! Brandi

6-11-03 Hey everyone...only 2 more days of school then I'm a junior! No more school! But its nothing cause summer school starts like a week later and I have to go! I hate school! But for now its just finals! OOO! My book that I have been waiting for comes out on the 21st! Harry Potter! yay! I'm soo happy! Anyways...I dont really write fanfiction but poems...which are on their on a different screen name! LOL! Anyways...Im really thinking about writing a story! But I dont know yet! Maybe...anyways...It's 10 at night and I gotta go! Bye!


Hey everyone...Hope everyone is doing well... Anyways...I was bored and wanted to update somthing... So..umm..lets see.. I went to Six Flags last week...nothin much happend since I practically live at Six Flags! Umm I wanna write a story cause ...I want to pretty much...I dont know if I should though... Im much more of a reader than a writer... Maybe I should Maybe I shouldnt... I'll decide later! Bye! Hi everybody! Lets see...where should I start? I live in California, and im not a BLONDE!...Far from it...I love Sailor Moon and I love Disney Movies! Im 16 and I dont turn 17 til Dec. Ima capricorn and I hang out with my friends A LOT! My friends are insane...I swear...Beauty and the Beast is my friends favorite thing to watch and she's immensely into French my other friend is the same way except she's into the whole anime scene and Japenese learning! Im into school...yea pityful huh...I love French, Spanish and Japenese, but my all time favorite of course is the good ol' American language: ENGLISH!...I hate that America will go to war..its soo unnescessary! Well my favorite shows are: Sailor Moon Inuyasha Simpsons Passions There are more but I dont feel like putting them Favorite author: V.C. Andrews I LOVE her books! And I LOVE "Harry Potter" Its just soo interesting! Favorite music: All Kinds...and when I say all kinds I mean all kinds...I will listen to anything from classical, opera, rock, hip-hop, to pop...its all good as long as the music has a good beat! Well...i'll leave u people to guess on the rest of my life! Bye!

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