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Je parle fran├žais juste un peu.

I love bromances!

I want to live in either France or Ireland for at least a year at some point.

I love writing but I change my mind a lot, forget about my stories, and I get bored sitting around writing for forever. But besides that, yeah, I love it...

My favorite pairings in my shows:

- the 100 (Finn/Clarke)

- Chasing Life (Leo/April)

- Da Vinci's Demons (Da Vinci/his friends BROMANCES ONLY)

- Dexter (Decter/Lumen)

- Doctor Who (Jack Harkness/The Doctor... number 10 or 11)

- Downton Abbey (Matthew/Mary)

- Elementary (Sherlock/Joan)

- The Following (Mike/Max)

- Forever (Henry/Jo)

- Glee (Kurt/Blaine)

- Grey's Anatomy (I am in LOVE with the McDreamy/McSteamy BROMANCE!!)

- Hannibal (Hannibal/Will)

- Hell on Wheels (Season 3- Cullen/Ezra Father/AdoptedSon adorableness!! - omg kill me now they are so cute!!!)

- How to Get Away with Murder (Connor/Oliver)

- The Last Ship (idk yet)

- Murder in the First (innocent!Erich Blunt/Hildy Mulligan or Terry English/Hildy)

- Outlander (Jamie/Claire)

- Penny Dreadful (Dorian/Vanessa or Ethan/Dorian)

- Perception (Daniel/Kate)

- Revenge (Aiden/Jack or Jack/Emily or Aiden/Emily)

- Scorpion (Walter/Paige)

- Sherlock (Sherlock/John)

- Stalker (Jack/Beth)

- Supernatural (Dean/Castiel or Benny/Dean... with a side of Sam/Gabriel)

- The Vampire Diaries (Damon/Alaric or Damon/Enzo)

- The Walking Dead (Daryl/Carol) !!!

- White Collar (Neal/Amy)

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