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NAME : neto or u could call me max doesnt make much difference for me so call me how u like ^_^

AGE : at least i dont have like 45 years old hahahah that will be creepy LOL.

stuff about me : i love anime and manga my favorite games are shooting games i love music and drawing stuff about what i read in here .

GENDER : WTF!!! u can already know just by my name fine if u didnt guess it MALE ^_^

RANDOM : yes im random about a lot of stuff and hell yeah i dont care about ur opinion only of course if i dont like it XD

TYPE OF STORY"S I LIKE : romance,humor,hurt,comfort.

FAVORITE PAIRINGS : witch and ellis , hunter and oc , witch and oc death the kid , chrona leon s kennedy , ashley link , midna basically only loves that are kinda impposible for some sort of reason or that impplies to she saving the life of him or the other way around.

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