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iluvfangs PM
Joined Oct '11

Been a FF reader since 2010 officially joined in 2011. Live near Cooperstown New York USA

I can't write for beans...Have lots of ideas and could talk for hours about them but I am not a very good writer.

I found FanFiction one day while searching the internet for Kathy Reichs "Bones" stories and FanFiction popped up in my search. The rest is history.

In 2015 I found A03 and read mostly there but I come here once a week to see if I'm missing anything. I love long stories. The more chapters the better. Romance, Drama, Angst are my kind of tales. I do love a good action story once in awhile (I do read My Hero, Dragon Ball, and Naruto) but there should be a little more to it.

Mostly read about:

BTS, Manga, Anime, TV, & Film

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