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Cindy Cerberus, last known as Lord Sergeant Sarcasm, was born February 5th and is a twin. She loves to read and draw, but spends most of her time sleeping. She lives in Tennessee and babysits for spear money. She's graduated high school and looks forward to going to college soon. She has a fear of driving, which keeps her from getting a real job and wishes she lived closer to town where she could be in walking distance of everything. Cindy has a pet hermit crab named Henry and they have a lot in common: social animals but get scared and nervous very easily, also they never leave their homes. Cindy encourages questions and reviews.

I have stories up called "Sleep Disorders" and "I Got This Feeling". They are my favorites and I LOVE them. I do have other stories, but they're more of ideas. I'm pretty slow when it comes to writing, so forgive me for taking forever when it comes to updating, because I am trying.

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