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Challenge by XInsanityXAreolusXShadowwindX: Naruto/Metroid Crossover

Quick Summary: At the age of 8, Naruto stumbles across a crash site. Then, a small gelatinous being hits the young blonde, causing him to black out. Years later, during the Mizuki incident, his shocked stated covers him in a bright light, putting him in weird, orange Suit. More specifically: The Power Suit!

Notes: Abilities of the suit are up to you, but there MUST be 4 certain parts to it. First, the Charge Beam MUST be present to start. Second, the suit will last as long as he has Chakra. Third, it has the abilities of the Varia suit, Gravity suit, and Morph Ball. Finally, being as it is an X (Metroid Fusion) that went into him, he will not be affected by the X, should they appear.

Missiles can be added to start, but the Beam is powered by his Chakra. He will still learn the Shadow Clone Jutsu from the forbidden scroll. Whether or not Samus comes to him, is up to you. Samus could be retired for all I care.

Smart, not dense Naruto.

Pairings: Your choice, but I would prefer it to not be NARUTOxINO!

Bloodline: the suit will become the Bloodline.

If Samus comes, she will be the best friend of his father, and may stay with him if she wants. And no, it wasn't her suit that crashed.

Metroid invasion: Your choice.

X Invasion: If you wish, they can appear, and absorb into Naruto for various reasons.

Bounty Hunters: If you wish, they can come for him, thinking it was Samus.

Must take place in the Elemental Nations.

My fanfiction ideas/Challanges; (feel free to use them, I would like it if you do, just tell me if you do)

1. The Elven Bloodline;

Naruto gets the Elven Bloodline from the Kyuubi or by making a deal with the Kyuubi or the Shikigami i.e. kill certain people.

The Elven Bloodline is a passive bloodline that grants anyone who has it eternal youth (won't age past prime), spontaneous regeneration, ten times the speed/strength/stamina/agility, enhanced flexibility, enhanced senses, energy sensory (the ability to sense various energies), perfect vision for one hundred meters in day or night, and magic. Magic being the ability to manipulate reality as long as you understand what you're manipulating i.e.. you need to know the composition of something to make it. Magic can also be used for telepathy. Also when someone with the Elven Bloodline is in love and said love is recuperated, the person without the Elven Bloodline gains the Elven Bloodline. Male elves are pretty boys and female elves are beautiful.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

2. If I was a planeswalker (If you play the Magic The Gathering, you would understand this);

Name says it all. In my version of it,

I will be a technomancer and I will make an eleventh guild of Ravnica, The Techno Guild. The Techno Guild symbol is a five toothed gear each in a color of magic. Fully fledged members have techno-organic bodies, trainees train towards the goal of turning their body’s techno-organic. The Techno Guild’s mages are made of five factions Techno Red the weapon tech crafters, Techno Blue the information tech makers, Techno Green the techno-organic mages, Techno White the keepers of the order within the guild and office workers, and Techno Black the executioners. I would also invent and try to inspire my fellow inventors to invent mechanical warriors and technology advanced weapons for the Izzet Guild. For example, a 2/2 self replicating mechanical warrior-artifact, a 3/0 plasma sword enchantment, a 0/3 plasma shield enchantment, an ethereal wing enchantment, a repair drone-artifact, a mana siphoning artifact, a swarm of mana draining mechanical locusts, 5/5 dragon mechs (bipedal dragons that stand up right), a mana canon artifact, a 4/4 flying mana powered jet, mana powered artillery and missile artifacts, a 10/10 huge piloted by planeswalker dragon mech artifact. I will be a technomage. (Note, only in a plane/universe with more than one world/planet a planeswalker is god like)

3. Omnigan;

Naruto is gifted by Kami with the Omnigan a dojutsu that is a combination of the Rinnegan, Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, Byakuugan, and gives the user perfect chakra control, infinite chakra and the power over all chakra. Meaning if someone with the Omnigan says you can't use chakra, you can't use chakra, and if that person with the Omnigan says chakra can't be used in certain way, chakra cannot be used that way by anyone except him/herself. Basically makes him/her a ninja-god. The Omnigan has a white background with six black spiraling lines with seven tomoe one in the center and one on each spiral. Each tomoe gives perfection a different attribute/power in order Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, all Kekkei genkai(bloodline), Fuuinjutsu(Sealing), Senjutsu(Sage Arts), and the center tomoe gives the ability to Summon any and all Summons.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

4. Dragonoid Bloodline;

The Dragonoid Bloodline is an eye/body/elemental bloodline with three stages.

Stage one gives dragon eye which gives keener eyesight then an eagle, thermal vision, and energy vision and puts the body into peak physical condition aka the physical condition of Might Guy. Stage one is awakens under stress.

Stage two turns the skin into overlapping scales; that are as hard as diamond, resistant to temperature (swim in magma or streak through a blizzard and be fine), and resistant to lightning (take a direct hit with a Chidori and not be harmed). Stage two awakens under heavy damage.

Stage three causes dragon wings grow out of the back and enable elemental breath (fire/lightning/ice breath). Stage three awakens under desperation.

Naruto’s ancestor mated with a dragon.

For appearance look up firebreather.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

5. Chimera Inland;

On the back of a giant turtle is a lab. The owner of the lab is a scientist that takes samples of various beasts to create chimeras and homunculi.

The scientist sees everyone and everything as a resource even the main character.

The main character becomes the apprentices/assistant gathering the samples for the scientist in exchange for use of the chimeras and homunculi (for combat and/or pleasure).

I would prefer the paring to be a harem of female homunculus.

A few of my ideas for chimeras are;

Poison chimera, a combination of a black widow spider, a scorpion, and a king cobra.

Dragon Chimera, various dragons (can be from How To Train Your Dragon / Dragon Booster / your own ideas).

Sea Serpent Hydra chimeras.

Cross breeds.

And Elemental Animal chimeras (wolfs with the ice bloodline, serpents with the lava bloodline, hawks with the storm bloodline).

A few of my ideas for the homunculus are; Wolf girl, dolphin girl, harpy, dragon girl, cat girl, panther girl, and bat girl.

6. Naruto; Assimilation Seal

The Assimilation Seal, a seal that works in conjunction with a storage-seal. It causes what is sealed to be assimilated into what it is sealed inside of.

Example, a kunai sealed in a storage scroll with the Assimilation Seal will assimilate the kunai into the storage scroll turning the storage scroll metal.

Another example, a strand of hair from a bloodline barer sealed into someone without that bloodline, will gain that bloodline.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

7. Green Lantern; The Shining Lanterns

The shining lantern corps is a lantern corps that consists of shining lanterns of all the colors. The shining lanterns are like beacons of their color spreading will, hope, compassion, vengeance, love. As the name implies their uniforms shine. Red shining lanterns are for avenging the suffering of the universe, instead of pure rage. And the shining lantern oaths (one for each color) begin with “With” in the middle “beacon of” and end with “shining (color) light”.

8. Chakra Construct

Chakra so dense it can take on a meta-physical from.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

9. Naruto; Gravity Bloodline

Control over gravity.

Chakra permeates the area and synchronizes with the natural gravity, you must consciously work using only chakra control to change the natural gravity to achieve the desired results.

Better chakra control = better gravity control.

With Better gravity control the range of control increases and gravity techniques get more powerful.

As control increases more Gravity techniques become useable.

Range of control starts at 5 feet at low chakra control, 50 feet at mid chakra control, 200 feet at high chakra control, and 500 feet at perfect chakra control.

Gravity Techniques at low chakra control; Gravity Push, Gravity Pull, and Gravity Punch (gravity enhanced punch).

Gravity Techniques at mid chakra control; Gravity Increase, Gravity Decrease, Gravity Lift, Gravity Crush (large Gravity Increase), Gravity Slam (Gravity Lift Gravity Crush) and Flight.

Gravity Techniques at high chakra control; Orbit (objects float around self or person), and Gravity Storm (an orb of gravity that draws everything into it like a black hole that can be thrown).

Gravity Techniques (perfect chakra control); massive versions of all other Gravity techniques.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

10. Bakugan Attributes

Naruto X Bakugan crossover

Naruto is somehow sent to the Vestroia, where the energy of the Bakugan turns the Kyuubi into a Bakugan and unseals him (you can have fem-Kyuubi). The process of which imbues the six attributes Pyrus (fire), Aquos (water) and Haos (light) Darkus (darkness) , Ventus (wind) and Subterra (Earth) on to Naruto, giving him immense power, making him able to fight the Bakugan on even terms. Naruto eventually returns to the Elemental Nations.

Naruto's GP will be 600.

(Note, Naruto is not overpowered, the ninjas of the Elemental Nations' are just severely underpowered compared to the Bakugan.)

Naruto will need a Bakugan partner of each attribute to stabilize and control his power or his powers will cause disasters while not on Vestroia.

Naruto's Bakugan partners will be Pyrus Kyuubi, Aquos Leviathan, Haos Angle Lord, Darkus Wyvern, Ventus Eagle, and Subterra Monitor.

Kyuubi becomes Pyrus attribute Bakugan

Naruto’s otherBakugan partners may be OC.

May include Mechtogan and/or Mechtogan Titans.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

11. Kunoichimon

Naruto/Digimon crossover

Naruto is betrayed and banished and ends up in the digital world. Where he finds he can manipulate data and creates one thousand Kunoichimon.

Kunoichimon (rookie); a Digimon version of a kunoichi, Kunoichimon can only digivol after (partially) downloading a different Digimon gaining features of the downloaded digimon. Kunoichimon are five feet, short black hair (Hinata’s style), C-cup breasts, soft black eyes, wearing a sleeveless short black kunoichi kimono.

Kunoichimon (champion); five and a half feet tall, C borderline D-cup breasts, and features of the digimon they first downloaded.

Anbumon (Kunoichimon (ultimate)); six feet tall, D-cup breasts, Anbu with the mask of the first digimon they downloaded.

Kunoichimon desire to be named, Naruto names a Kunoichimon upon Digivolution.

Kunoichimon are devoted to Naruto (because he names them).

Paring Narutoxharem

12. Regeneration Bloodline

Regeneration (healing) to the point of being immortal.

Still have to train though.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

13. DigiHuman

NarutoXDigimon crossover

Naruto somehow goes to the digital world and his DNA becomes digital, making him the first Digihuman.

A Digihuman’s can manipulate data at will, give any digimon the X-Digivolution (a never before seen Digivolution), alter any digimon in any way (make it so a digimon can be intimate with a human if he wants), and turn a human into a Digihuman.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

14. Fuuinjutsu Armor V1

The Hokage gives the Anbu a mission to raise and train Naruto, as a way to give Naruto a better childhood. Naruto with his fuuinjutsu (sealing) skills makes a full bodied armored suit powered by natural energy. The Fuuinjutsu Armor Suit’s appearance is a black armored body suit with a black motorcycle helmet. The Fuuinjutsu Armor Suit’s abilities are stealth (invisibility/silence/scentless seals), a millimeter thin barrier coating the armor that filters gases and can withstand an A-rank jutsu with ease (thrown weapons bounce off), many storage seals on the waist, hyper mode (five minutes of five times the strength and speed, but needs 30 minutes for seal to recharge after use), plasma bolt launchers on the back of the wrists. The Fuuinjutsu Armor Helmet has chakra radar, targeting seals linked to plasma bolt launchers, telescope view, prevents genjutsu, and communication radio. Stored equipment; plasma katana (think lightsaber), chakra suppressors (disks that clamp on to recipient, can be thrown), exploding shuriken (explodes on contact with blood), tranquilizer darts, reinforced rope, and medic kit.

When not in use it is stored in the storage seal on his back and when unsealed it is instantly/automatically equipped.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

15. Fuuinjutsu Armor V2

Naruto is banished after retrieving Sasuke. He goes to The Land of Snow/The Land of Spring, takes an interest in the chakra armor they use, and he completely redesigns it into full body armor (armor plating from head to toe). The armor is either the armor from Fuuinjutsu Armor V1 or Ironman Armor (I can’t decide). The wearer of the armor can have the armor retract or partially retract into an implant on the base of the back of the neck, note they would not have anything underneath the armor.

Naruto would more than likely to marry Koyuki Kazahana becoming the daimyo of the Land of Snow/The Land of Spring, early on in the story.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

16. Alpha

Naruto uses the substation jutsu to replace himself with Sasuke when Orochimaru goes to give him the curse mark turning Naruto into an Alpha Combat Demon. An Alpha Combat Demon’s body is gray, is ten times better than a human’s body in every way and has combat instincts so great they do not need any combat training to beat a jonin. Alpha Combat Demons are natural S-Rank fighters.

Basically, Orochimaru's curse mark turns Naruto into a Demon.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

17. Reborn as Pokémon

At the end of his life Naruto is reborn in the Pokémon World as the Pokémon Riolu. Before he evolves into a Lucario, he meets and befriends a Ralts. After they both evolve, they start to desire each other as more than friends and become a couple. They eventually start a family.

Story must start where Naruto dies and is reborn as a Riolu in the Pokémon World.

Techniques Naruto must learn; Rapid Fire Aura Sphere (rapidly firing aura spheres from the spike on the back of Lucario’s hand) and Aura Shield.

Naruto can use aura like chakra.

18. Bakugan Kings

At the end of the Bakugan series where Dan and Drago become the rulers of the Bakugan they decide to rule New Vestroia as kings. They have cities built for Bakugan and their partners to live in, as they move from Earth, Vestal, Gundalia, and Neathia to New Vestroia.

Suggested but optional; Dan and Drago have the Brawlers and their partnered Bakugan become a council that preside over the Bakugan attributes Pyrus (fire), Aquos (water) and Haos (light) Darkus (darkness) , Ventus (wind) and Subterra (Earth) of New Vestroia and answer only to Dan and Drago.

Optional; Dan gets a harem.

19. Magical Realms

Harry Potter fanfic

There are many magical realms each with their own distinct attribute. The magical realms are City/Technology Realm, Racing/Speed Realm, Warrior/Battle Realm, Forest/Jungle/Nature Realm, Volcano/Fire Realm, Ocean/Water Realm, Sky/Wind Realm, Mountain/Cave Realm, Swamp Realm, Glacier/Ice Realm, Desert Realm, Storm Realm, Planes/Light Realm, and Shadow/Darkness Realm. The magical realms are home to elementals. The magical realms are interconnected through portals. In the realms grow crystals that are the realms’ currency and power source. In the heart of each realm is a huge Primary Crystal. A realm’s size grows and shrinks with its population. A crystal’s value is based on its rarity and how hard it is to find. The crystals are used to power devices and spells. The people of the realms use wand-less magic.

At five years old Harry wishes to be away from his relatives and suddenly he appears in the City Realm’s orphanage. The orphanage’s care taker explains what how he got there because he is magical and wishing to be away and about the magical realms in general. Harry grows up in the City Realm.

Harry still goes to Hogwarts.

Optional; Harry gets a harem.

20. Monster Girl Summoning Contract

Naruto finds the Monster Girl Summoning Contract along with the Shadow Clone Jutsu in the Forbidden Scroll. The Monster Girls will subconsciously sense the Kyuubi and be submissive and attracted to Naruto. The Monster Girl Boss Summon will be the Kyuubi’s cute little sister, who will ask Naruto to be her mate.

The story must include Fem-Kyuubi the Queen of Monster Girls.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

21. Rogue Summoning

Naruto somehow ends up in the rouge summon realm, where befriends the rouge summons, gaining the ability to summon the rouge summons he befriends.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

22. Blood Rune Blade

Naruto is given a Blood Rune Blade when he becomes a Genin as inheritnce or finds the Blood Rune Blade in the Forbidden Scroll.

A Blood Rune Blade is a sword with runes carved onto it, the runes need to be filled with blood to activate, once activated the Blood Rune Blade gathers nature energy hardening the blade to the hardness of a diamond and once the Blood Rune Blade is full of nature energy it can summon a metal dragon (the dragon stands up right) but the Blood Rune Blade empties of nature energy when it summons the metal dragon. Once mastered the metal dragon can become armor.

23. Chaos Demon

Naruto turns into a Chaos Demon.

A Chaos Demon’s power is Chaos Contortion; Chaos Contortion is the power to contort anything into anything else. A Chaos Demon needs to feed on life energy to live by contorting any living thing such as plants, animals, or people into pure life energy and feeding on it.

An example of Chaos Contortion is giving/removing any bloodline to or from anyone.

Paring Naruto/Fem-Kyuubi.

24. Champion/Servant of the Shinigami

Naruto as a child finds the temple of the Shinigami (Death God) were he meets the Fem-Shinigami and becomes the Champion or Servant (basically work for the Shinigami) of the Shinigami in exchange for a better life, better life includes serving the Shinigami. The Shinigami raises and trains Naruto till the age of 12, then gives Naruto the mission “Search and destroy all evil he encounters”, and with that Naruto travels the world slaying evil and charming girls along the way.

Naruto gets Soul Reaper powers (Bleach), a Zanpakuto and a sacrificial dagger to sacrifice souls to the Shinigami.

Naruto is a sword wielding pretty boy.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

25. Mind Hack

Apply the mechanics of Matrix to Sword Art Online.

Basically applying the Your Mind Makes It Real trope to Sword Art Online.

Includes hacking the programs in the game (altering/copying/implanting/deleting)

26. Sword Art Online – Hacker

Main OC protagonist is a hacker. He or she finds a terminal and hacks into the system, but he/she must not do anything that will alert Kayaba Akihiko.

He/she alters the game so when a player dies in the game they are logged out instead of being killed.

27. The Unleash Sword

Naruto finds an Unleash Sword and finds that he can handle its power.

An Unleash Sword is a sword that is more powerful than the human body can handle and that if someone who cannot handle its power tries to use it, that person will be vaporized by the sheer power. The only thing that can suppress the Unleash Sword’s power is its sheath. When one draws an Unleash Sword its power flows into the wielder’s body and must be constantly expelled as an outward vortex from their body to not be overwhelmed and vaporized. To master an Unleash Sword, one must be able to handle the sword’s entire power without expelling any of its power. To achieve this, one must gradually get their body use to more of the Unleash Sword’s power until they no longer need to expel the power, by raining in the power, but if they rain in too much they will be overwhelmed and vaporized.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included.

28. The Powers of Light and Darkness.

Everything is made of a combination of light and darkness. Naruto finds he has power over light and darkness. He can make and unmake reality with the powers of light and darkness.

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included

29. Gray Lantern

Someone tinkered around their Green Lantern’s power battery so that it will draw power from all the main power batteries. The power battery’s color changed to gray. Thus creating the Gray Lantern Corps.

30. One With The Force

Someone genetically altered with the genetics of the Midi-chlorian thus making the altered person so Force-sensitive they are practically one with the force. Or, a genetically engineered clone with the genetics of the Midi-chlorian thus making the genetically engineered clone so Force-sensitive they are practically one with the force. Either way the person is so in tune with the force that they passively know the will of the force. They know what the force wants and will do it.

31. Hybrid

Naruto and Kyuubi make a deal, to be freed of the seal the Kyuubi gives up her tails and makes Naruto a Human/Kitsune Hybrid. A Human/Kitsune Hybrid has three forms human, half-kitsune , and kitsune . Naruto will have two main techniques will be Rose Whip and Rose Rapier (a rapier with thorns covering it).

Preferred but not required paring Narutoxharem, no Sakura.

If bashing there must be Sakura and Sasuke bashing included

32. Monks Of Peace

Chakra is a combination of the physical energy present in every cell of the body and the spiritual energy gained from the mind.
In stories were only females can use chakra the setting is only the bodies' of females combine the two energies together and the bodies' of males do not combine the two energies keeping them separated. Meaning males could use the two energies separately.

This thought has made me think Naruto could start a group of monks called the 'Monks Of Peace' and they say they get these powers by being 'holy'. They will have these saying; monks' 'holy' body gives 'holy' might (to 'explain' their physical energy powers to others), 'holy' monks' prayer bring miracles (to 'explain' their spiritual energy powers to others), peace with self for peace in life (to spread peace), peace brings prosperity (to spread peace), and more sayings as needed.

33. The Power Of Magic

Harry Potter connects his core to the lay lines.

34. First Male Ninja Lemon Game

Combine the concepts of First Male Ninja (Naruto is the only male that can use chakra) and Lemon Game (video game were having sex gives you exp).

35. Harry Potter Ninja

The Durlesys abandon Harry in Japan and a ninja clan adopts him. Ninjas are japan's version of wizards and witches.

36. Son of the Kyuubi

Naruto's mother Kushina is the Kyuubi.

37. Elemental Summoning Contract

Naruto finds and signs the Elemental Summoning Contract.

The first Elemental Naruto summons is a female wind elemental named Kuki.

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