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Oh, it's been brought to my attention that I should respond to reviews. I'm so sorry if I offended anyone... but I don't really do that unless you have a question or something. I guess you could let me know if you wanted me to respond (?).

I might start a Chulu fic based off this one prompt (but here's the thing- I don't even ship Chulu. At all. Nor do I ship Spirk, or Johnlock (don't hurt me) why do I write fanfics for them?) Confession: sometimes I put my own stories in my C2. I'm awful, I know.

Don't write much, really, I just read, a lot. Rather than making by stories one-shots, my chapters are generally relatively short (like less than 1000 words). I know some of my stories are crap. I really do. Feel free to tell me so, just as long as you tell me what to fix/ how to fix it!

Good day to you all!

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