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You're probably here because I left you a review or probably flamed you for flaming someone else. Hi! I unfortunately don't have any fics right now but I like yaoi, mostly grimmichi from Bleach so I might start writing those. I do read some boygirl stuff as long as it isn't fluffy and stupid like most bs on this site. if people tried to focus on character development instead of unrealistic fluf I wouldn't speak so lowly of hetersexual fiction but writers are really taking this shit too far.

I'm a flamers flamer. If I like your fic and I see someone going off on you, I'll treat them like shit and make them look publicly stupid in front of everybody else. I hope you don't mind! I don't like seeing my favortite writers giving up on writing because of some shity fuckface that makes them feel unappreciated.

Right now I'm going to be working on my first oneshot and lemme just say that reading fics is a lot faster than writing. I'm almost on the verge of giving up!


Does anyone know of a good grimmichi in-verse? I'm sick of having to go through so much fukken au shit!!

remember! if the nazis can't handle shit they can always watch some barney. that oughta give them something to fight about. who gets babybop! WHO WILL GET BABYBOP! the next bitch that says that its the kid with the freckles will get a shovel in her face! Its a triangle! wait! there's no cannon ships in barney!

OH! Bleach doesnt have them either! its so easy to forget that shit with so much immaturity around us everyday. I guess i'll have to look at the manga description to find romance for trolling turds because i can't find what the fuss is about! i need to get my eyes checked. guess 20/20 vision is not all that good compared to princessy all seeing crap for shonen.

I've got huge anger-management issues.

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