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Geny-darkside16 PM
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HI their world um im not much of a speaker untill I find you interesting so yeah

I like reading its cool im more of a hard cover person than soft cover , it just doesnt sit well in my hands

I like writing things in italics the fomat just look cool

My favorite colors are black and purple - ( by the way not light purple, dark purple)

I like dogs but i guess you know thats not one of my petgs

I love rock music

I like to read in solitude, away from the outside world where its so loud. I would read under a quiet oak tree if i could but yeah, theres not a lot of those where I live. Soooo...

I dont have best gal friends but best guy friends because girls tend to fight for the dominant spot of the friendship so thats why. Guys they dont really care all that much if there your best friend or not. Only thing they really want to know if you play video games like ( Call Of Duty).

Im a huge fan of rock music is just my thing and nothin more, dont get me wrong ill listen to some taylor swift or selena gomez , or even one direction but its just to catch up to what my friends are saying about the songs. They arent really fans of rock music and im not sure i want them to be.

I haye when people tend to judge me it sucks dont get me wrong also about that to, I judge people to ( sometimes) emphasis on somtimes.

Thats really it i guess if you just want to talk you can PM me if you want i guess. my real name is blah blah blah

Ha i fooled you, I bet you thought i was going to put my govenment name on here no way joses.

I'll say my first name - Geneva and yes its a city in switzerland. Bye Now

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