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I'm just a simple guy who has multiple stories for multiple anime and games.

Deviantart Account: http:///

Links for important things "Hinata Chronicles"

Pictures of the official looks for the characters are on my Deviantart account. Official listings for the Konoha 10 group vs Data Organization members are also on DA account as a journal entry

Send a message for any request for the series I do.

I will now taking over another story that was done by a good friend 'Fallen Angel Zenith' as he asked me to take over for him on the series we were doing together, 'Uchiha Heiress'. It will be rewritten a bit and put here on my account. Go to Fallen Angel Zenith to read the first version there.

Here are some challenges if anyone is interested:

Challenge 1:

Title: Dragon Fighter Kenichi

Plot: After the events of Majin Buu, Goku has heard of the recent fighting over which fighting to live and sparing or fighting to the death and killing, so he decides to take action. After Goku learns about Ryozanpaku and their disciple he decides to train Kenichi after displaying some his power to the masters. When Kenichi's friends hear about this, they decided that they need to be trained as well and asked Goku if they could train them as well. Goku happily replies saying yes as the harshest training they have ever done begin. (Takes place after the D Of D ark)


1. When Goku hears about the fighting, he's upset about the organization that uses martial arts for killing, except Vegeta.

2. When Goku displays his power to the masters, they impressed and Kenichi gets a little scared.

3. Kenichi's friends learn about Kenichi's new training thanks to Niijima

4. Goku tells King Kai to call all of his friends to the Kami's lookout.

5. Kenichi's friends that decide to take the training are Miu, Takeda, Ukita, Kisara, Renka, Niijima (Just to watch and annoy everyone) and Tanimoto (Under his master's orders and to spy on Goku's fighting style)

6. The Z-Fighters (except Vegeta) join the Phoenix Alliance.

7. Each member must do at least one day in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber

8. They all must learn to fly and some other Dragonball Z moves

9. While training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Kenichi and his friends must do journals

What you can choose:

1. Training methods. (Kami's, Roshi's, Piccolo's, etc)

2. Masters for each of Kenichi's friends: Goku and Krillin with Kenichi and Miu, Piccolo and Gohan with Takeda and Ukita, Vegeta with Tanimoto (cause of similar personalities) 18 and Videl (She also gets training as well) with Kisara and Renka.

3. Ecchi scenes.

4. Can describe changes in characters

5. The Ryozanpaku master also come to watch.

6. How Niijima annoys everyone

7. Misadventures with Goten and Trunks

Challenge 2:

Title: Naruto's Guardian: Kamen Rider Orga

Plot: After Kiba Yuji (Paradise Lost Version) was killed by the Elasmotherium Orphnoch to protect Mari Sonda, he is given a second chance to redeem himself by Kami. Kami takes away his Orphnoch form and sends him to world of Naruto to act as his guardian and trainer with a fixed Orga Gear that can work with him even though he is fully human again.


1. Smarter/Stronger Naruto, Kinder Kiba Yuji, and Funny Kami.

2. Same teams as canon (Except that Kiba Yuji joins Team 7)

3. Kiba doesn't reveal himself as Orga until the Land of Waves on the Bridge.

4. Sasuke and council bashing

5. Sakura eventually falls out of love with Sasuke

6. Kami constantly tries to make Kiba Yuji have perverted thoughts


1. During the Wave mission, Naruto has to go to the bathroom and almost goes in the puddle where the Demon Brothers are in.

2. Sasuke trying to use the Orga Belt himself but shocks him

3. Humorous interaction between Kiba Yuji and Kiba Inuzuka

4. A made-up upgrade mode for Orga given to him by Kami. (Golden Mode, color schemes switch, sword becomes a buster sword as large as Zabuza's)

5. Kiba Yuji points out to Naruto that Hinata likes him

6. Sasuke's obsessed with reviving his clan under any circumstance. (Threats. tries to use clan status, etc)

7. Naruto treats Kiba Yuji like an older brother


1. Naruto X Hinata (Or harem if you want)

2. Kiba Yuji X Haku

Challenge 3:

Title: Kamen Rider in Deadman Wonderland

Plot: When Ganta Igarashi got sent to Deadman Wonderland, he was given a package before going to G-Block. Inside was a Lost Driver, A red Gaiamemory and note from a man with the last name Sonozaki. Deadman Wonderland beware, Kamen Rider Blood is here!

Think of whatever you like.

Well if anyone is interested, just PM me and then tell me about it when you start it. See ya!

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