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Hi, I'm Michelle and my birthday is 29 January and when I'm older I shall be an architect or someone mystical person on a film set or playhouse. I'm 15 and live on a little island that people always mistake for a massive state a couple thousand miles away. That's Jersey, the original Jersey. Not New Jersey, USA, which is just called 'Jersey' for the purposes of 'Jersey Shore'. Which I don't watch. I live in the real Jersey, with the Jersey cows and the Jersey Royal potatoes, and the beaches, and the ever-so-sunny weather (even though it snowed in mid-March 2013) and the castles and the Heritage Trust and no VAT tax, but a pesky 4% GST tax instead.

I'm an atheist, and have no political views cause, personally, I think Smithy could run the country better than all teh Prime Ministers. I like to swear a lot, and I love the 80s. The majority of my clothes are from charity shops cause I don't like being mainstream. I wear Superdry glasses and just because they are just like the geek glasses that everyone wears even though they have perfect 20:20 vision, I am branded as a fecking mainstream biatch.

My best friend in the entire epitome of my existance is a cool kid called Ellen. Her surname sounds like McKinky and she is awesome. We share our forever-aloneness, our love of MUMFORD AND SONS, and many, many laughs. She is literally the funniest person and can be such a bitch. But I guess that's why I love her :') GO FOLLOW THE SLAG ON INSTAGRAM @ellen_mck5 . She isn't really a slag, she' a stunna (well at least that's what she likes to think...)

Kelly ( @GoldenPheonix864 ) is the Harry Potter to my Colin Creevey

If you like Instagraming, why don't you follow me? Cause I'm just too cool. I Instagram about Harry Potter, House of Anubis and funky selfies that I know you all adore… :') My username is @michelleminerva98

I love...

Criminal Minds (Spencer Reed is mine - BACK OFF BIATCHES)Storage Wars (TV show – it’s my life)HOUSE OF ANUBIS CAUSE IT'S FRICKING AWESOME (AND EUGENE SIMON IS MY LOVER) Am all the way over the pond from all y'all in America so I'm watching all the episodes that air earlier in the US on (my life at the moment)Howl's Moving CastleHarry PotterKelly ( @GoldenPheonix864 )Stalking KellyGoing to Italy with KellyTaking sneaky selfies on Kelly’s camera.Using Kelly’s hand gel on my infected foot – painful,Kinder chocolate barsEngelbert HumperdinckPear juiceGodly peaches and KellyBeing a nerdTalking about Harry Potter with KellyTalking about being a wizard with KellyPlanning my elabouroutive career of being an extra in CHERUB movie, with KellyAirports, and Customs – yeh, I’m weirdActing like Colin CreeveyTrying to act coolPhoto-bombingPracticing my stalker smileEntering competitions and winning a year’s supply of ice-cream (yeh, I was shocked too!)Lemon chickenMonty PythonCAPITAL LETTERSPrecisionThe idea of being organisedStationaryTropicanaRantingAnd Sterling Beaumon, who SHALL be my future husband. Along with Tom Felton, Eddie Redmayne and Eugene Simon.

So apparentley, as diagnosed by Kelly (you guessed it) and MA MATE ELLEN, I have an acute (Ellen likes that word, the creep) form of Terretz. Partly because I chat up buskers in town, and partly beacuse I started singing about sandwiches in Coffee Republic, Let It Be by the Beatles in HMV, the Titanic theme (opera style) every Friday form time... And maybe the fact that I started to sing September by Earth, Wind and Fire to my Spanish teacher didn't really help...


Favourite character? Draco -Fricking- Malfoy

Least favourite? Fenrir Greyback :(

Favourite shipping? Dramione and Jily

Favourite book? Goblet of Fire (for the sub-plots)

Favourite movie? Half-Blood Prince (cause of the gorgeous Draco)

Scene that was missed out in the film that you wanted to see? The Barty Crouch sub-plot scenes in GoF and the pensieve scenes (the Gaunts) :P

Harry Potter house: Gryffindor, cause I'm mainstream (I see myself as more of a Ravenclaw, but just following ... #YOLO)

Pottermore username: HowlSparks15887 (go ahead and duel me sometime, kiddo)


Fav songs atm?

Green Garden - Laura MvulaLonely Boy - The Black KeysIntro - Alt J (including every other song they've done)If You Wanna - The VaccinesBedroom Hymns - Florence the MachineSomething Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema ClubRadioactive - Imagine DragonsTime To Pretend - MGMT (cause I'm attempting to not be mainstream)Take Me Out - Franz FerdinandAnother Love – Tom Odell (cause he's the God of my Idolatry - subtle Romeo and Juliet quotation there)

Fav films?

Monty Phython and the Holy Grail. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you do- it's utterly amazing.And Harry Potter (without a doubt. M'dear.)Perks of Being a Wallflower (B.R.I.L.L.I.A.N.C.E)Parenthood, and Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2 (Much love for Steve Martin)And Donnie Darko (hate the rabbit but the ending messes with my head)Annnnd Step Up (love a bit of Channing Tatum)

Most annoying habit? Finishing other people's sentences. Or speaking Franglias all the time, I'll leave it to you to work that one out.

Scared of... Darkness. And tension. After Paranormal Activity I couldn't go to sleep without the landing light on for about a month... And with my house being 170 years old, let stay that when it creaks it doesn't keep it a secret..

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