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I am a Word Girl fan, a fan of the Rocky Balboa books and movie series. A satire writer who pokes fun of any super hero that in my view is a little bit too wimpy. I like the Word Girl movie The Rise Of Miss Power since I found out the saying "Hell has no fury than a woman scorned" when Word Girl lost her temper with Chuck when he bought the last Pretty Princess toy Becky wanted. I am also a fan of the New York Yankees, Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies. A native of Ancon Panama but raised in the small town of La Boca Panama (meaning The Mouth in Spanish) since it was located in the entrance of the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. I am what you would call a Canal Zone brat of Hispanic ancestry but am American by birth who is able to speak both English and Spanish. A fan of comedians Bob Hope, Gaspar Henanine "Capulina", Roberto Gomez Bolanos "Chespirito", and a bowling fan. Anyone who has Word Girl stories send me to me and I will do my best to review them. Update I have some Word Girl stories written for Devianart in case you are interested in reading them. Just remember this saying from the late Christopher Reeve "When you choose hope, anything is possible." I have struck out more times than I have had success but by reading the sayings of the late Vince Lombardi the pain I go through is worth the price of victory. One more item of note and this is very serious. Any of you so called Word Girl "fans" who do not like what I write in your reviews do me a favor and tell me what bothers you and do not slam the door in my face. Tell me where I went wrong and we can work a deal. A true leader leads by example not burns bridges like Sane Word Girl Fan Club. I slammed the door on you sir and if it hit slammed your hand I do not feel your pain. God bless America. Update I will be doing Word Girl parodies like some of The Three Stooges video shorts and television commercials of the past. Watch out Eric Shaw. The Zonian is back this year and going to make you wimpy writers eat Sylvester Stallone's punches from Rockyland. One more rule of thumb. If you ask for help and then say on your website I am bothering you and insult my country of birth or my Latin heritage then you will get my best imitation of the late Ron Luciano (The Umpire Strikes Back.) Go take a shower. A message to one Little Pony fan. Hating me only makes me famous. Rocky Balboa will kiss your idol to Rockyland. Now Chris Patch has joined my hit list. My Isthmus Sisters are not arrogant they back up their words. Dammit. Oh by the way humanoids I will be taking my show to Nuime where I will express my views of being a fan fiction writer. If my admiration of old school wrestling and Rocky Balboa bothers you and choose to ignore me or call me The Joker be my guest. See what happens when you take a leak on my brothers. Hands Of Stone bombed in the box office.

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