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Not really writing myself yet although there's a few stories I'm currently working on. I'm an avid reader of several different fandoms and currently have nearly 7000 stories on my favorites and I've read them all. Maybe I'm a little obsessed lol

Current fandoms:

  1. Once upon a time- Swanqueen all the way
  2. Law and order SVU- Benson/Stabler forever and always
  3. Star Trek Voyager- Janeway/Chakotay (There's no other way to go )
  4. Harry Potter- Harmony (Harry/Hermione), Minerva/Albus, Hermione/Minerva, and Severus/Harry (Either romantic or father/son depending on my mood) and there's the occasional Harry/Albus (Romantic or family), Harry/Minerva (Romantic or family) and one or two Harry/Tom Riddle
  5. Sanctuary- mostly those are random relationships like Helen/Will, Will/Ashley, Helen/Nikola, Helen/John, and Helen/James
  6. Doctor Who- mostly any of the Doctors/River
Always up for suggestions on new stories but I almost always stick to the ships I've mentioned with each fandom.
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