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Leon von Alte-Rose PM
Joined Nov '11

Hey-Ho! What's going on? My name is Mario, and I totally love anime. (Madoka Magica, Kagihime Monogatari, Vocaloid...)

I also like Disney Films. Especially:

-Tangled (Punzie is my BFF)


-How to Train your Dragon

-Rise of the Guardians (JAAAAAACK)

-Frozen (I'm Elsa's butler)

I also like Doctor Who (beacuse Donna rocks) and Harry Potter (I'm a ravenclaw)

I enjoy reading creepypastas, but then, I have nightmares :( I'm such a scaredy cat...

My favorite color is white, and my favorite book is Alice in Wonderland. I love making friends, though people tell me I've got a cold heart. But that's because I'm a kuudere.

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