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"Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing."

- Benjamin Franklin


12/4/2015 - WRITING UPDATE:

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and working actively on my next chapter of Blackdog! I'm hoping to have it up and posted before the end of next week as long as I don't run into any unexpected complications.

2/2/2016 - WRITING UPDATE:

Well, a lot has happened since December and my publishing plans had been completely derailed. I lost most of my final edits on several chapters due to a hard drive crash, not only on Blackdog but on at least SIX other stories I had ready for publication on site. Thank the lord above I didn't lose everything, but I was quite put out over what I did lose. A word to the wise: Backup, backup, backup EVERYTHING! I'm hopefully going to be back on track here soon in the next few weeks.

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So I hate that no longer allows links in our profiles. I can't make a nice bank of links for images anymore and that irritates me, so I'm posting links so you can copy and paste.



Helen Potter

I currently see my Fem!Harry played by the lovely Emilia Clarke





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