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Challenges(If interested please PM me)

I have one requirement for ALL my challenges: chapters minimum word count MUST be 2500 words. I don't think I'm being unreasonable plus I doubt anyone would want to read a story where each chapter is only 1000 words.

Naruto/Final Fantasy VII: A change during the Sasuke retrieval mission drastically alters the fate of two worlds. Now in the world of Gaia watch as Naruto is dragged into a conflict where he wil find new friends, enemies, the chance for love and will eventually decide of the fate of his new home.

Requirements are as followed:

1. The pairing must be NarutoxTifa. I'm sure I'm not the only one tired of NarutoxAerith so NarutoxTifa is set in stone. However, a harem is acceptable as long as Tifa is the main girl.

2. Since Naruto enters Gaia during the VotE clash the story may begin 5-6 years before canon. Where he ends up and who he is found by is up to you.

3. Whatever happens to Sasuke is up to you he can die in the clash or end up in Gaia and become an antagonist or redeem himself.

4. Naruto can summon the toads if you wish and be reversed summon to Mount Myoboku. So it is possible for Naruto to learn Sage Mode and train in his Jutsu if you desire it.

Takers: The Planet's Will of Fire by TOM 5.0

Gaia's Final Flames of Hope by GomuGomuRasenganNoSage

Naruto/Final Fantasy VIII: Naruto sacrificed himself for the sake of his world, the fates reward him with a chance at new life. How will he handle the trials and tribulations in this world of fantasy?

Requirements are as followed:

1. This is NarutoxQuistis but can be made a small harem.

2. Naruto can retain his chakra if you wish.

3. Naruto will not remember his past life at first. He will have flashes/dreams but the earliest he can remember everything is at the end of disc 1.

Naruto/Final Fantasy X: "Damn it Dad, how do you make this look so easy?" A screw up in recreating the Hiraishin strands Naruto in the world of Spira. Watch as he looks for a way home and even if he does would he want to after finding what he always wanted?

Requirements are as followed:

1. Any pairing or harem is allowed though Lulu is suggested.

2. Takes place after the invasion of Pain but before The Shinobi World Arc.

Naruto/Fairy Tail: He had sacrificed so much in the war against the dragons. However it had left him with nothing but regret. Naruto Uzumaki seals himself away to be called when needed, and now he is released when he hears a plea for aid. How will the world deal with the man once known as "The God of Mages"?

Requirements are as followed:

1. Naruto will be based on Hashirama Senju, so Wood-Make and Great Tree Arc is recommended but you can decide what fits.

2. Whether Naruto is at full power when released or must work to his original power is up to you.

3. Any harem or pairing is allowed, though Erza is not a option. She's done to death.

Naruto/Fairy Tail: More than four centuries ago, the Uzumaki Clan swore a vow to protect a clan of celestial spirit mages. Today, Lucy Heartfilia prayed for a hero, for someone to save her guild from Phantom Lord. Her prayers was answered by a young blond claiming to be her guardian. How will the fate of the celestial spirit Mage change with the appearance of the blond maelstrom, read and find out.

Requirements are as followed

1. Lucy is the main pairing, but a harem is allowed. Erza is discouraged

2. Naruto's magic and abilities are up to you.

3. Despite the summary Naruto can appear in any arc you wish.

Naruto/Sekirei: Jiraiya never said a training trip would include going to see the outside world, but it did and Naruto finds himself at Shinto Teito. How will things change when during a simple walk home, Naruto crossed paths with a certain veiled beauty and becomes her Ashikabi? What will happen now that the blond ninja is embroiled in a battle royal with busty aliens?

Requirements are as followed:

1. This is a strict sekirei harem, so no female ninja will join when Naruto and his flock return to Konoha.

2. Naruto can have some of Minato's sekirei if you wish.

Naruto/Highschool DxD: Naruto had given his all to save the shinobi world and in the end he did. However now due to the circumstances of the final battle, he finds himself in a place far from home. Now in a world of magic, angels and devils, he has no choice but to adapt and make a new life for himself. Now if only he can get that redhead to stop pestering him to join her "peerage".

Requirements are as followed:

1. Any pairing or harem is allowed, though Rias and Akeno are discouraged.

2. Naruto will NOT join Rias or any peerage.

3. Naruto will have all of his abilities from the war and can inherit the Sage's eyes if you wish.

4. Naruto MUST remain human.

5. Naruto can arrive whenever you wish before canon.

Naruto/Highschool DxD: In the end, he just couldn't keep his promise. After his battle with Sasuke at the Valley of the End, Naruto finds himself in a mysterious city called Kyoto. His dream of becoming Hokage may forever be out of his reach now, but goals change. Taken in by a certain kyubi youkai, he resolves not to lose anyone else. Now if only he could get his benefactor's preternatural daughter to stop telling people that they're engaged.

Requirements are as followed:

1. As this is DxD harem is allowed and Kuroka is required and Yasaka can join but if Kunou is used she must be at least 15 before anything can happen between her and Naruto.

2. Naruto can show up at any point in DxD canon but his appearance must be reasonable.

3. Sasuke’s fate is up to you.

4. Naruto can be apprenticed by someone like Yasaka or Sun Wukong.

Naruto/Highschool DxD: Life in a small town was supposed to be simple and boring. Naruto's opinion on the matter changed drastically the day he witnessed his super pervert of a classmate get murdered by a black winged dominatrix. Apparently, devils, angels, and gods aren't just the stuff of stories. As if that wasn't enough, he finds out his father is the Norse god of thunder.

Requirements are as followed:

1. Naruto as the son of Thor has some of his abilities but beyond that his growth in abilities as well as whether you want him to wield legendary weapons is up to you as long as he is realistic in growth.

2. Rossweisse is recommended in the pairing but not required. A harem is allowed but not required.

3. Kushina's fate whether she is alive or dead and her role in DxD is up to you.

Takers: Storm's Ascension by Advent of Shadows

Naruto/My Hero Academia: Uzumaki Naruto always wanted to become Hokage and earn the recognition of those around him. But now, with the position forever out of his reach, Naruto is faced with a new goal, to become a Pro Hero. Now, if only his classmates would stop calling him a chunni everytime he claimed he was a ninja...

Requirements are as followed:

1. Suggested pairing are Ochako, Mina, Tsuyu, Mei and Nejire. Harem is not allowed.

2. Since Naruto enters MHA during the first VOTE clash whatever happens to Sasuke is up to you. He can die in the clash or end up in MHA and become an antagonist or redeem himself as a hero.

Final Fantasy XV/Fate: At the end of his journey, Noctis Lucis Caelum was ready to reunite with his friends and loved ones in the Beyond. What he wasn't expecting was to to be drafted to be summoned take part in a free-for-all battle between magi and legendary heroes of the past. Will Noctis get the second change he deserves, or walk the same path that led to his fate?

Requirements/suggestions are as followed:

1. Due to his abilities Noctis can qualify for a number of classes, and you may choose which is best.

2. Noctis doesn't have to be the only one from his world summoned.

3. Noctis can participate in the 4th or 5th War.

4. Whoever summons Noctis is up to you.

5. No restrictions on pairings but no yaoi.

Final Fantasy XV/Fairy Tail: After sacrificing himself for the greater good, Noctis was finally ready to rest yet fate had other plans for him when he’d found by 3 fugitive mages. Finding himself joining Crime Sorcière how will the land of Fiore handle the arrival of the True King?

Requirements are as follows

1. Pairing will be NoctxUltear but a harem is allowed if done well.

2. Crime Sorcière can expand the original 3 members if you please.

3. Ultear’s fate must be changed.

Final Fantasy XV/Fairy Tail: With the disappearance of Fairy Tail’s best and brightest it seemed as if the guild was destined to fade away in obscurity. At least until they finds the injured King of Lucis on their doorsteps. Now read on as the True King restores the once greatest guild in Fiore.

Requirements are as followed:

1. When Noctis arrived whether he remains 30 or 20 is up to you.

2. Noctis' abilities will be up to you; whether he retains his power, lose some of it, or if he learns a new skill set with magic.

3. Lucy is the recommended pairing but a harem is allowed if done well. But no yaoi.

4. It is recommended Noct arrived 1-2 years before Tenrou Team returns.

RWBY: Being a hero was all Jaune Arc ever wanted in life. Unfortunately, life seemed bent on ensuring it never happened. How could he ever hope to handle Beacon if just a little bullhead left him queasy? Things start to look up, however, when his moment of weakness draws a dark haired beauty to his side. No one could have imagined how one little whim could change everything.

Requirements are as follows:

1: BlakexJaune is the pairing no harem is allowed.

2: Blake and Jaune must be partners but rest of the teams makeup is up to you.

3. Blake must train Jaune but his growth must be realistic and not turn OP.

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