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I love Harry Potter

Favorite Couples are:

- Harry Potter

1.1: Harry Potter x Nymphadora Tonks

1.2: Harry Potter x Susan Bones

1.25: Harry Potter x Daphne Greengrass

1.275: Harry Potter x Fleur Delacour

1.3: Harry Potter x Ginny Weasley

1.4: Harry Potter X Katie Bell

2: James Potter x Lily Potter (née Evans)

3.1: Neville x Hannah Abbott

3.2: Neville x Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter character Animigus matches

1. Harry Potter: Wolf, Black Panther, Stag (Male Deer)

2. Neville Longbottom: Bear (Black bear, Grizzly Bear doesnt matter)

- Smallville

1.1: Clark Kent X Lana Lang

1.2: Clark Kent X Alicia Baker (I like the ones where either she lives or some how comes back to life)

1.3: Clark Kent X Tess Mercer

1.4: Clark Kent X Lois Lane (Least favorite pairing with Clark (dont get me wrong i do like it just not as much as i like Clark X Lana))

- Bridge To Terabithia

1: Jess X Leslie (the fics that dont have her die in them and she is still alive)

- Geek Charming

1: Josh X Dylan(for those who dont know Dylan is a girl)

- To me J.K. Rowling's word Use to be Gold and Rule but as iv been on this site iv found that i like some story's that have gone where she might not have been willing to go like Harry X Tonks , and Harry X Susan Bones

But I also don't mind the Harry x Ginny Story's where they get together before his sixth year.

I also like the Harry x Ginny Soul Bond Story's

-I love Taiora i am a fan for beyond life its self

and don't worry that i changed my avatar i still read Taiora its just iv read just about every Taiora story there is so I am starting to read the harry potter fan fiction now but i still read the Taiora Story's that i have reviewed on and am waiting to be updated so don't stop updating

My favorite Active Taiora Author is: TaioraWarrior

I love rock music

especially 3 Doors Down, Nickelback, & Lynyrd Skynyrd, Icon for Hire, Digital Daggers, Cilver and many others

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