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Kuraimitsu Keita PM
Joined Nov '11

Hey there, I'm Keita!

You may have met me under one of my dozens of internet aliases, but Keita is my current one.

I found FanFiction.net as a middle schooler. Classmates of mine were authors here, and when I saw them having fun with their writing, and after a bit of contemplating, I decided to join.

Anyway, at first I adopted my style and developed it from Ryu Kago's style from when she wrote "My Dark Side" and Ace of Aces 2.0's style from her five fics, which I've found to be a hard style to, um, 'steal'... for me, that is. But then, through years of experience in the roleplaying world, I was able to adopt my own writing style (which you may never witness... NYAHAHAHAHA).

I like making multi-persona OCs. If you look in the RPs I've participated in not very long ago, most - if not all - of my OCs have multiple personalities, or at least two completely differing states of mind. Aside from that, I'm also overly fond of creating alternate-reality depictions of my OCs.

I am currently in the status of Epic Hiatus and am not working on unfinished revised versions of my better fanfics. I have no plans to go back into writing in the near-future, but when I do, I will do my best not to disappoint!

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