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Hi! My name is Patrick Gibby, but you can call me Ghost. I am a fanfic writer since 2001. I am 25 as of May '08, and I am a big player of video games. I specialize in RPGs, and I play them every chance I get. I hope you enjoy my collection of fanfics which I have spent years creating the storyline. If you wish to send me any mail for any reason, feel free to do so. One more thing, please review my stories whether you enjoy them or think them to be a piece of crap. It really helps to know people do read. For those of you who are expert critics, feel free to critic away and tell me my high and low points. Remember, it's good to know your strengths, but it's even better to know your weaknesses.

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I have been to Japan so any and all references to Japan come from personal experience. I have also worked in Japan on the JET Programme, so I do have a basic understanding of the language and can communicate on a basic level, which aid my stories' realism.

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