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Joined Nov '11

I've been here for almost two years, jesus christ.

Age: 23

Job: None sadly

Obessions: Persona, Flash, Young Justice, Justice League International

Favourite characters: Wallace West, Kyouraku Shunsui, Narukami Yu, Kaldur'ahm, Booster Gold x3


- Wally is my soulmate. I swear this guy is so much like me it isn't even normal anymore
- I even earned the nickname Wally by my friends
- I love chocolate with nut above ALL
- I love singing but I'm easily intimidated when I hear my friends singing better then me .
- I am an easily intimidated person in general
- I love eating
- I'm lacking a super metabolism though xD
- I'm a cosplayer and actually, I'm hating it

Enough about me I guess.
Another word concerning mistakes I do. As you can see I am from Germany and although I swear to god englisch feels like my second mother language there are mistakes I keep do and I am really sorry and I feel stupid whenever I get beta-read. Please forgive me that.
Here are some previews on stories I'm writing right now

How Long Is Forever? - Just a Young Justice version of the famous Teen Titans episode. What will Robin find twenty years ahead?
Planned already and I am eager to finish because I am DYING to write the follow-up xD

Maskenball - When the Joker reveals Wally's secret ID to the world, the speedsters life gets turned upside down. Will he be able to get his life back on track? Co-writing with Adoglover5
One of the best things I've written so far. Enjoying every moment of it.

"20" - The lost years.
Can't wait to write that!

Legacy - When the Flash dies, Wally is forced to pick up the mantle of the Flash. A story about saying goodbye to the past and following big footsteps.
Might contain KFxRob..let's see ;D

Pandora's Box - A market, a girl with a key and an absent Skullduggery. Valkyrie does not like the way events are taking place. And with the appearance of Pandoras Box and only with the help of the Shudder-Siblings and Dexter Vex, can she find the box and seal it before it is opened and brings doom?
This is actually the first site where I can upload Skulduggery fanfiction and I've had this lying around for awhile so I thought I might give it a shot

What A Man - Richard Graysons needs company for an important week of dinners. Only that the Callboy Wally West slowly turns out to be so much more then just a one-weeks-company.
Pretty Woman Birdflash AU xD

Fate - What if Dr. Fate never released Wally...?

And there will be some One-shots and Drabbles from time to time but these three are the big projects

At this point:
I wanna leave a huge thank you to Erica and Jennifer for always supporting me and writing with me. I love you girls.

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