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Hello, I am new here, so please be nice. I do not take kindly to mean people. I love Death Note! It is my most favorite anime! L is my most favorite character! Even before I ever knew about DN, I was a lot like L. I never liked wearing socks, & I can manage to get away w/just jamming my feet into my sneakers w/out socks & not get caught by my mum, who disproves of my socklessness. I don't even really like wearing shoes. I didn't need anyone to tell me about DN. I found out about it on my own, when it came to tv on Adult Swim. I saw the 1st ep. & I loved it! I have Death Note Another Note:The L.A. BB Murder Cases & I've read it 6 times! I haven't even had it tht long! But I read fast, so I guess I should've tried to read it slowly. It is now my most favorite book! I learned more about my own skills when I read DNAN:L.A.BBMC for the first time. I definitely read way too much, but it doesn't bother me in the least. It pretty much makes me a loner, but I still have friends & am not antisocial. I'll get along w/just about anyone as long as they're not mean. As I said before, I don't take kindly to mean peaple. I tend to have these random Mello or Near moments where (Mello moment)I'm over emotional or (Near moment)I'm completely void of all emotions. But it doesn't happen tht often. I also have Matsuda moments when I'm realliy ,bored where I just say a lot of stupid, random things. I've now read DNAN:L.A.BBMC too many times to count. I'll edit more later...

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