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I hate filling out these profile things, only because I never really never know what to say or if I'm making sense. I write in 3 different fandoms, but enjoy reading in many different fandoms. Mainly my fics are Slash, Hurt/Comfort, MPreg, Romance. I have written series along with long and short stories.. I have made a few of my own original characters mostly female but a few are male. I try to stick to Cannon but I do have a few with are AU. But most IMPORTANTLY I write the kind of stuff I enjoy reading. Hopefully as much as I enjoy writing it you all will enjoy reading it, but if you don't that's ok, some genre is not for everyone...

Guess it's time I updated this . I'm 52 years old and living in a small apartment with my teenage son until he just recently moved out, now its just me and my 4 cats. Real life keeps me very occupied, but I love to write and read when I have the time.. I'm a full time house mother as well so my time is pretty much tied up these days. love being with my family and friends just relaxing together, either watching a movie or playing games. Here's a little bit about me. Have just recently joined in the Special Olympics games as an athlete, Volleyball, and Swimming, My sons play volleyball and Basketball for them.

Gender: Female

Age: 52

Favorite Color: Peach Coral.

Favorite Food: Homemade Lazagna

Favorite TV Show: NCIS, The Good Wife, Supernatural, NCIS New Orleans,Madame Secretary. Constaine, Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior. (just to name a few)

Favorite Book: Too many to name I love to read

Favorite Music: Classic Rock, Oldies, Jazz, Country

Favorite Season: Spring and Fall

Favorite Holiday: Christmas although can do without all the stress.

Heroes: My dad,

NCIS - I'm a huge Tony/Gibbs fan! I love writing fictions for NCIS mostly Tony, Gibbs, Both Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly are awesome.

I will not read nor write Tiva, Ziva, I don't like Abby/Gibbs, Or Kate/Gibbs..will read them if it is a family with Gibbs as the father or friend. A very big fan of Gibbs/DiNozzo I do like the thought of Kate with DiNozzo so will read some of that..McGee and Tony as friends too.

Supernatual: I'm a huge fan of Dean Winchester, I'm a very die hard Dean fan. Jensen Ackles is awesome...I am not a big fan of Wincest, I do write a lot of Dean Whumpage, and some Sam Whumpage, not a big fan of Sam's but will read if he is taking care of Dean or is major hurt himself...Do not approve of the Desieal so I don't read or write it. Not a big fan of the wincest, read very little of it.

NCIS New Orleans: Big fan of PRides and LaSalles, do not like Brody at all, will not read the pairing of Brody/LaSalle or Brody/Pride, do like to read Pride/Lasalle.

I will also read J2 togather, Jensen/Jared, or Jensen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, perfer when Jensen is the pregnant one.

Numbers: Colby/Don, Don/Ian, Ian/Colby, Sometimes Colby and David. Never really liked Charlie all that much but do like reading where he was hurt.

SGA: Sheppard, Lorne, I like reading about Sheppard/Rodney at frist I really liked the two of them togather but now perfer Ronan/Sheppard is ok.

I used to write in other fandoms as well: Big Valley, Bonanza, , A-Team, Emergency, Starsky and Hutch, Numb3rs, but no longer, but still read in those fandoms as well as a few others...Mostly just read in the A-Team, Numb3rs, NCIS, NCIS NO, H50, SPN, and a few others.

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