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A couple of my old Space: Above and Beyond stories have been reposted on this site by another author with my permission. They are all on my web site. (Please note that this site is terribly out of date, I am including it here only because a lot of my old S:AAB and Stargate SG-1 fanfics are there.) I appreciate everyone who has emailed me to let me know about this situation, but nobody is stealing anything. He is doing me a favor by preparing these stories for upload and getting them archived here.

"Gates of War" is a long series, please visit my web site at the above link to see them in the correct order. Hey, , if you're listening, a better way to handle stories in a series is near the top of my wish list.

I also have a live journal at rmratliff's Live Journal . It doesn't get updated much anymore, but it's there.

Personal information: I am 54 as of this writing, widowed, currently owned by a houseful of cats. I live in Ohio near the Ohio River. I'm disabled, and besides writing fanfic my hobbies include crafts and surfing the internet. I've become a serious HGSS shipper in the Harry Potter universe, but I have absolutely no interest in underage!Hermione fics, or for that matter chan of any variety. I am an abuse survivor, and this is no laughing matter. The ending of DH...meh. That's what fanfic is for.

Most recently I've got interested in Transformers movieverse fic. I'm still waiting, , for a better way to present series on this site!

In the event that the rumored purge of stories on this site affects me, I have made an account at Archive of our Own, and I am in the process of mirroring all my stories there, starting with my current fandom first and working back. That will be a long process but eventually everything that's here will be there. My pen name on that site is buckeyebelle.

If any of my stories are purged, I will leave the remaining ones here as a signpost, more or less, but I doubt I will put too much effort into updating here after that.

Update 1/16/2017 I have just discovered that my SG:1 story, Abyss, which consisted of an adaptation and missing scenes from that episode. Apparently has taken it down, and didn't bother to tell me they had done so. It is still on my own web site, the link to that is above. As I said, I will no longer be posting anything new here. If you are following my stories, please move to the Archive of Our Own site. That is a shame. I have been using this site for fourteen years, and made a lot of friends here. But it is no longer what it was.

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