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Hello Nerds of all varieties,

My name is Hespara, the mighty godess of Dusk! Spooky, right? Dont worry, I don't bite.

Well, anyways I write stories, like most of you!!

I mostly like writing with books and movies that I love. Which means I like to write with Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Marvel & DC, Mortal Instruments, Supernatural, and DISNEY!!!!!!!! ... things like


Right now, I'm in search for a beta to help me edit my stories, so if you are interested in the job, message me!

Now I want to be straight, I absolutely HATE Twilight, so if any of you are hoping for one of those fanfics. It is NOT going to happen.

Now, just so you know, I absolutely ADORE the fandoms stated above, along with Pokemon, Hetalia, Angel Beats!, and other animes. I have recently been

watching Dr. Who, and I very much enjoy Sherlock.

The Walking Dead is my all time favorite show, EVER!!

Daryl Dixon is the BEES KNEES!!!!!!

With music, I believe Alternative, Punk, and Classic Rock is the best. Queen is AMAZING!!! I love My Chemical Romance, it broke my heart when they broke up.

Also, Green Day, Flyleaf, Jimmy Eat World, and A LOT of 80's music.

Speaking of 80's, have any of you seen those movies?

I LOVE THEM!!! Especially, I love The Lost Boys. A movie about actual vampires, not sparkling fairies.


So, there is this Theater Group named Starkid and they are amazing and I think all of you should check them out. Just thought it needed to be said.

Well, Thats all!!


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