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I'm finally back after some difficult events that has been plaguing my relatives. Anyways I'm rewriting Morning Remembrance.

Name: Nicole Valentine



Eye Color: Truth be told it is something between green and blue

Hair Color: Onyx (for those of you who don't know the color Onyx it is just black.) with some dark brown highlights.

Siblings: Two brothers and both birth mother and father.

Vision: None to great to be exact. My vision is terrible without my contacts and now i lost them so i cant see very well. In fact i can hardly read what I'm typing so that's a sore annoyance.

Grade: I'm ending my college with an astronomer's degree along with a few other variations. I'm an was the state would call it, Exemplary student. Although I get Bs now and then.

Born: I was born in Kansas, Topeka and is Currently living in Crestveiw, Montana. Just so you know it is close to sleepy hollow if you know what i mean by that part.

Pets: Two dogs Dakota and Eric plus a parrot named Spar.

Occupation: I'm a part-time cashier at Walmarts.

My name is Nikole from the introduction at the top obviously. i am of course age 22. I of course like many others sometimes needs guidance from writing. I personally thank all of the people who have suggested ideas and advice that shaped me to how i write today. I have taken some programs and as such improved to a measure of better and more thoughtful chapter. I have a life outside. i dont spend my entire time writing so as of course i will not be able to update frequently as i wish but none the less i shall put forth my greatest of efforts. Im sorry but i get sidetracked easily which makes he somewhat of a weak point in writing. I shall try to my extant to correct that but for now just deal with my problem.


I love to read. Most people my age prefer video games and such but me i prefer reading and writing. it allows me to express my innermost imagination without the scolding or ridicule of ones friends or families. Don't get me wrong, i still amuse myself with games like most but i just don't play as much. I love the inheritance cycle, how to train your dragon the movie, The legend of Spyro series, harry potter series, and much more that i feel as if no one would sincerely care. I also am a paintball player. I throughly enjoy sports where it usually ends up in a little violence and fun not to mention shooting. For those of you who loathe paintball please don't criticize me. I dont do that to anyone and no one should do that to me. besides it doesnt hurt once in a while to play a sport where it involves little pain. I also like to play a little archery now and then and i even sometimes play with swords. (wooden of course.) I know and recognize some of the languages lost to the our times like old Norse and the Draconic language. I like to play PC games like Combat Arms or Roblox. I am not ashamed to admit that i play a game where it look likes it made for a seven year old. I watch anime like alot of people. Most of them are like Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, D-Gray Man, Ao No Exorcist, Wolf's rain, Shugo Chara, Death Note, and as such.


now this is where i will put all my anger and rage into. First off exactly i hate flamers and people who flame stories just because the creators pairings are against their ideas. Or maybe bullies. I absolutely loathe them. there just mean and cruel and have absolutely no right to do things to the innocent just because they are like them. Second off i hate it when peaple just make stories that are around twenty five words long. i consider that a paragraph rather than a story or a poem at the least. They just take up space and are basically useless except for a few's entertainment. Third i hate writing with a pencil/pen. my hands have this problem where it becomes unbearably hot when writing and makes my keyboards have this sticky residue on them that doesnt look or feel good. my hands right now are sweating professedly and are very hot to me. Fourth i hate messes. When i see a mess in my room i immediately clean it up. and i hate it when things are unorganized and are completely distraught. Fifth and my worst one yet to come. i hate it when my brothers or someone messes up my book cabinet well actually three book shelves. they look exactly like the libraries except on a Little smaller scale but i arranged everything the same with the libraries. I spent considerable effort in keeping that in order and those are at least two hundred fifty books in all. Its very frustrating to say the least. Sixth i hate it when peaple go through my stuff. I respect everyone's privacy and they should to me to. Seventh i hate it when people make fun of other people for what they look like or do. Eighth i hate it completely when people start asking me questions that are about my personal life. They call it personal for a reason. I prefer not to do as such to explain my personal life to anyone that i don't trust completely.Ninth i hate it completely when peaple abondon animals or treat them cruelly as such called animal abuse. i for one love animals no matter what species whatsoever and completely think that the people who treat them like trash are no better themselves. If they at least feel remorse or regret then they are at least humane but those who just do for the pleasure of someone's suffering is unforgivable to my terms. Tenth i hate it when people just throw the trash out onto the street and such. i love the environment. Not like a complete nature lover more of like a normal person would. That is all and i apologize if any of this offends you but i just wanted to get that off my chest.


Truth be told, I'm actually hyperactive and spontaneous. Everyone I know would say that I'm sarcastic and ironic in ways few people could ever hope to mimic. I'm loyal to my loved ones and friends but I don't really like giving out detailed information on my life that much. Sometimes my friends would tease me for being a bookworm in a jesting manner since I basically love to read. Every time my imagination takes over, my friends would describe me as crazy. I mean, if anyone really found out about what I do on this website, I would freak. Well what else should I include? Oh yes, my external appearance feigns relaxation and not a care in the world while internally, my mind is coming up with all sorts of fantasy from books and anime shows. I am like most people, very curios and I might know more than I should at my age.

Social Life,

I'm actually pretty normal for my socials. I have tons of trustworthy friends whom gained that title after some time. I am not dating and I'm not particularly sure if I even want to with my hectic lifestyle as it is. Even my parents are saying "That a handsome man like you should be holding a wife's hand and her pregnant" Or something like that. Once, they had thought that I was dating my science project partner. Seriously! She called once saying she'd miss school the next day so gave me the part of setting up the chemo liquids that would burn and produce a small heat source and yet strong enough to give power to a fan generated electrical motor.

Can't think of anything else to say but,

Best Regards, Treacherous.

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